10 common mistakes that attract pests to your home

DEC 11, 2017 AT 10:58 AM


10. Vent units – say welcome to roaches


Up-to-date vent systems feature microcell nets for protection against pests. But after a period of time, these nets appear to be torn. It causes a lot of troubles for home owners because insects start to crawl into the house through the vents, especially during autumn. Just keep a check on the ventilation system and change the accessories from time to time.

Low ventilation door placement can also be an entrance route for rats and mice. Make sure that you find a way to prevent all those species from entering your house. This is important as it doesn’t only affect the comfort of your living, but it also compromises your health, safety and confidence.


Pests are awful for every home owner. Those creepy crawlies start creating colonies as soon as they appear in your home, and you aren’t likely going to get rid of them that easily.