10 common mistakes that attract pests to your home

DEC 11, 2017 AT 10:58 AM


6. Entrance mat – change it every year


We all know that roaches and ants have the so called exoskeletons. It means that you actually can’t squeeze them to death that easily. These creatures find the narrowest of places and can easily come into the house through tiny holes. We are also aware that they have tracks which they follow all the time. Your entrance mat is the main thing to change if you are having trouble with pests.

Under the old mats, insects make their homes, find or create routes to go into your house, and organize their graveyards, too. It could possibly be an awful sight if you took up your mat and had a look at the underside. Experts recommend changing the mat once per year, especially during spring.

Pests are awful for every home owner. Those creepy crawlies start creating colonies as soon as they appear in your home, and you aren’t likely going to get rid of them that easily.