10 energy saving hacks for your home

NOV 24, 2017 AT 07:27 AM


What do you do? How do you reduce the energy usage in your home? This article will give you some hacks to reduce your bill while maximizing comfort in your space, because we know that saving energy is not just about becoming electricity-efficient, but also saving more money.

However, before you can make strategies on saving energy in your home, you need to know what appliances use the most and least electricity in your house. Statistics show that large amounts of capital is wasted on energy consumption – the average electricity spent per annum is about $1,368.36, while 35% of the power is wasted. This is bad news for the environment as well as your billing account.

Saving money on home heating

1.Layer your clothes and get cozy

During cold days of the year, wear more warm clothes like socks, jumpers and slippers in your home. This reduces the urge to increase the heating when you put an extra blanket on your bed or chair means. 

Closing the doors and the curtains regulates the temperature of the house, and what is more, it is free! Shut doors to areas you do not use much and heat or cool the rooms you spend the most time in. your curtains or blinds should also seal your windows completely, and close the curtains at night to trap warm air.

During winter and fall months, your house can get cold, forcing you to turn up your heater. The more hours and days, you turn it up, the higher your energy bill – but you cannot live without the heat. During other days, most consumption is due to things like the refrigerator and microwave, but you really cannot eliminate these items from your home.