10 energy saving hacks for your home

NOV 24, 2017 AT 07:27 AM


7.Make things easier for your refrigerator and freezer


One of the tips that many people may not know, is that keeping your fridge and freezer full means that they ultimately use less energy when keeping your items cool. Empty space in the freezer or fridge not only wastes your space, but energy as well. Thawing your frozen food before cooking also saves you energy, and use the microwave whenever possible to reduce energy expenditure – it uses less than electric ovens. Reduce cooking time on your cooker by using lids on your cooking pots, and use the economy cycle in your dishwasher, only running it when it is full.

During winter and fall months, your house can get cold, forcing you to turn up your heater. The more hours and days, you turn it up, the higher your energy bill – but you cannot live without the heat. During other days, most consumption is due to things like the refrigerator and microwave, but you really cannot eliminate these items from your home.