11 Pictures That Will Make You Do a Double-take

MAY 09, 2020 AT 02:03 AM


Photoshop can transform the simplest photos into the most amazing and creative images. Some images are so clever they blur the borders between reality and fantasy. Check out these eleven pictures that will be sure to have you doing a double-take.

How long will it take you to figure out what’s going in each photo?

Kid with dog’s head

Child with dog’s head

Talk about losing your head? Is this a hybrid human or just an illusion?

New breed

Two-headed dog

And you thought a two-headed dog was only a myth?

Mutant finger

Mutant finger – smoothie

You might be forgiven for thinking this was a giant, mutant finger instead of a smoothie in a jar.

Hippo man

Hippo man is here

A cute baby hippo morphs into a human right before our startled eyes, and the human’s, by the expression on his face. 

Armpit hairstyle

Hair in armpit

Is there a furry creature nesting in her armpit or did all that hair migrate from her head?

Banana snake

Snake or banana

Seems like this snake has claimed ownership of this banana. We’re not arguing the point!

When you have too much free time

Creativity in office

Another slow day at the office. We get it. We’ve all been there. Points at least for creativity.

Snow cat

Snow and cat

Not even snow or the coldest weather prevents a determined cat from finding the perfect lap.

Is it or isn’t it a wall?

Wall or not wall

Mystical gateway or mind-boggling optical illusion? Would you dare cross through this portal?

Monkey flower

Monkey-like flower

You might not want to run into these grimacing monkey-face orchids on a dark night!

Bald dad

Just bald father

It’s hard to know where this bald dad begins and ends in this confusing photo.