11 ways to get the lowest price on your next car

NOV 25, 2017 AT 02:42 AM


11. Look for older inventory


The cycle of selling off older models so that new models come in applies. The longer the stock sits on the parking lot, the more the dealer will want to get rid of it. The dealer will want you to leave with the car, so there are some tips to make sure you get the best deal. The sticker on the driver’s side door gives you the manufacturing date of the car, which will help you get a good deal. Another sign is around the car edges where a typical car wash can miss spotting dust accumulation, therefore indicating that the car has been there for some time.  


Remember that a car is supposed to last you at least ten years, so do not just purchase something because it looks good on the outside; buy something wisely and one that will not cost you an arm and a leg when you use it. Having an open mind is important so that you avoid bad deals, and keep several alternatives in mind instead of one make or model so that you have a rewarding experience. Study what other shoppers are buying and take the time to make a solid decision.


Are you thinking about getting a new car? We all know the intimidating prospect of buying something that will last you for years, because you do not want to make a grave mistake when purchasing and end up stuck with a car that you do not like or it causes you problems. What is worse, you buy a car that is so expensive, and you regret purchasing it.