11 ways to get the lowest price on your next car

NOV 25, 2017 AT 02:42 AM


3. Remember the cycle of models


If you do not need the latest car model, the best time you can get a car is around the time the next year’s model has started showing up on dealers’ lots. The rationale behind this is when planning of new models happens; the dealer wants to sell off their current models quickly, to make space for the new ones coming in. It is very easy to figure out the time for the turnover of your desired car - it is not classified information - then just go to the dealer at the right time. This is advantageous for you, especially when the next year’s model is a full redesign of current models, so prices will be cheap.

Are you thinking about getting a new car? We all know the intimidating prospect of buying something that will last you for years, because you do not want to make a grave mistake when purchasing and end up stuck with a car that you do not like or it causes you problems. What is worse, you buy a car that is so expensive, and you regret purchasing it.