11 ways to get the lowest price on your next car

NOV 25, 2017 AT 02:42 AM


8. Purchase at the invoice price or lower


A false assumption many car buyers make is to presume the dealer’s vehicle price and the quoted invoice price re the same thing, so you should offer more money for the car.

The truth of the matter is some dealers get offers of various incentives to sell certain vehicle models that are still profitable even when sold at or below the invoice price. Because of this, do not shut out dealers who insist on their invoice price.

Are you thinking about getting a new car? We all know the intimidating prospect of buying something that will last you for years, because you do not want to make a grave mistake when purchasing and end up stuck with a car that you do not like or it causes you problems. What is worse, you buy a car that is so expensive, and you regret purchasing it.