12 bizarre Japanese TV shows you won’t believe exist

JAN 29, 2020 AT 04:55 AM


While popular opinion considers American TV as the king of game shows, you'll probably reconsider once you've looked at the unbelievable game shows coming from Japan. There's no limit to the bizarre, awkward, and uncomfortable challenges Japanese contestants are willing to endure.

Below are twelve top shows guaranteed to catapult the meaning of "insane" to the next level.





The idea seems simple enough. Contestants at DERO! DERO! have to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and answer questions. But contestants aren't sitting comfortably in a chair while doing it.

They have to think under extremely stressful situations, such as balancing on a narrow plank while the floor retracts beneath them.

2. Candy or Not Candy



In Japan, "Sokkuri" is the art of making sculptures from different ingredients such as chocolate or caramel.

The rules are simple: contestants bite into different objects to determine if they've bitten into something edible or something like a shoe or table.