12 pictures that prove the ocean needs help

DEC 29, 2019 AT 10:23 AM


The world’s oceans are crying for help. It’s a crisis that affects every living thing on Earth. In simple terms, plastic consumption is killing us. The water quality of the Pacific Ocean has dramatically decreased over the last five years and we need to do something about it now.


1. Divers Photograph Plastic Soup in the Pacific Ocean

Plastic Soup in the Pacific Ocean

This diver risked his life swimming in different parts of the Pacific Ocean. But his latest dive was particularly devastating after encountering tons of sea garbage floating like a massive island. This picture was taken after his first dive, but the team decided it was too dangerous to continue filming in this area.

2. Freedom Island in the Philippines Choked with Garbage

Freedom Island in the Philippines

The Philippines Islands are situated are at the crossroads of two powerful ocean currents, which has created serious issues. This picture was recently taken at one of the small island groups in the southern part of the country. It shows people struggling to remove an endless stream of garbage constantly flowing to the area.

3. The Indian Ocean Is Cluttered with Plastic

Indian Ocean Is Cluttered with Plastic

The situation India has situation has worsened because of the garbage accumulating along the southern coast. There isn’t much people can do beyond finding ways to stop dumping garbage into the ocean. Beautiful beaches that were crowded 2-3 years ago are now filled with trash, discouraging visitors.

4. Bottle Found by Diver in Sri Lanka

Bottle Found by Diver in Sri Lanka

Plastic bottles never completely biodegrade. This plastic bottle covered in shells has been in the ocean for over ten years. After one hundred years, these bottles eventually degrade to form millions of pieces of micro-plastic, which poison fish and migrate into the seafood we consume.

5. The Shocking Size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Five years ago, the Great Pacific Garbage patch was created by two separate patches. It has become a toxic plastic soup. Australian scientists and the government are trying to deal with the patch but its continued growth has reached the size of India.

6. Oil Spill at Deepwater Horizon

Oil Spill at Deepwater Horizon

This species of bird has suffered greatly from the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill after BP's drilling platform exploded. A decade after the event, hundreds of species have been forced to migrate elsewhere. Oil creates too many hazards for our planet. We need to explore more eco-friendly alternatives.

7. Marunda Beach, Indonesia Attracts Plastic Garbage

Indonesia Attracts Plastic Garbage

Marunda Beach is another impacted area in the crossroads of two currents. A photographer wept when he saw these children trying to save their home from the unbelievable pollution caused by plastic.

8. Camilo Beach, Hawaii. What Was Once a Resort Is Now the World's Plastic Garbage Dump

Camilo Beach, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have struggled with micro-plastic for years. Once pristine sands have become a toxic mixture of sand and plastic that threaten wildlife. Now, these beautiful islands are also threatened by huge piles of garbage dumped by the sea every day despite the efforts of locals to clean it up.

9. Two years ago, Tunisia Was a Popular Tourist Destination

Tunisia and plastic trash

Tunisia was once a favorite destination of European tourists until this picture captured the terrible plastic pollution. Changing currents have dumped tons of plastic on the beaches, significantly impacting tourism to the point where Tunisia, once a rapidly developing country, faces economic issues.

10. Tourist Boat, Thailand. Yet Another Threatened Destination

Tourist Boat, Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination famous for its gorgeous beaches. However, “islands” of plastic trash floating around the country now threaten the beauty of the local beaches.

11. British Diver Photographs Tons of Plastic near Bali, Indonesia

British Diver Photographs Tons of Plastic

This diver decided to film stingrays near some Balinese resorts. When the boat took him to the area, the diver couldn’t believe what he saw. These beautiful creatures were swimming in dense layers of plastic and other trash, which if eaten, could easily kill them.

12. Sea Turtles Close to Extinction Because They Think Plastic Is Food

Sea Turtles Close to Extinction


Another diver’s photo shows a large sea turtle eating a plastic packet. Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare event, which threatens not only the turtles with extinction but other marine life if nothing is done to stop toxic plastic pollution.