12 school lunches from around world

MAR 16, 2018 AT 06:20 AM


1. Germany

School lunch in Germany

Children in Germany are eating some pasta, a simple veggie salad, and a choice of sauces. They also can buy some additional meat food, but the prices are usually quite high.


2. The USA

School lunch in the USA

American schools can easily decide what kind of food they give their children. Usually it’s quite healthy, but a lot of schools have junk-food canteens full of unhealthy products.


3. Russia

School lunch in Russia

Usually kids in Russia receive a full lunch in the schools. The lunch consists of a soup, some porridge, or pasta with meat balls or little steaks. They can order tea or stewed fruit drinks. It looks much healthier than in many other countries.


4. South Korea

School lunch in South Korea

The biggest school lunch is probably in South Korea. Children are provided with a soup, rice, meat, and a vegetable salad. They can choose what they want to drink. Usually there are food bars where children can order what they would like to eat.


5. India

School lunch in India

Poor countries aren’t that generous with lunches for children in schools. In India, the children pay for a strange looking soup, two small portions of vegetarian stew, and some kind of flat cake instead of bread.


6. Singapore

School lunch in Singapore

Children in Singapore eat big meals. Lots of vegetables, some fruit, and drinks are available. Children can have any sized portion; it’s not expensive for parents to pay for their lunches in normal schools here.


7. China

School lunch in China

You would expect to see a lot of rice and spicy dishes in Chinese school lunches. There is usually a good choice of food for children. What’s more important, everything is free for all members of schools.


8. Japan

School lunch in Japan

Japanese lunches for children include a lot of vegetables, some porridge, and some milk products – yoghurt or milk. Parents have to pay, but they can also refuse and send lunches from home.


9. Brazil

School lunch in Brazil

In Brazil, children consume more vegetables and less meat. The lunches are healthy and light. The children can put as much as they want on their plate. It isn’t expensive for parents to pay for meals at the school.


10. Chile

School lunch in Chile

Here you will expect to see some fish and sea products in kids’ lunches. In addition, there are a lot of vegetables and fruit to keep children healthy. In Chile schools use a lot of local nature gifts to make the school lunches less expensive.


11. Kenya

School lunch in Kenya

This is one of the poorest countries in Africa. In most schools in Kenya there is no food at all, and there aren’t any canteens. In expensive schools, children are given a small portion of beans which is the only vegetable that is reasonably priced.


12. Bolivia

School lunch in Bolivia

In Bolivia, the country has a huge amount of fruit, but school children eat imported rice and veggies. They aren’t given local vitamin-rich food. The parents have to pay quite a lot for the school lunches.