14 images that will touch your soul deeply

MAY 31, 2018 AT 04:44 AM


1. Yemeni after her divorce

Yemeni after her divorce

This is a 10-year-old girl from Yemen who just got a long-awaited divorce. Her ex-husband had been abusive toward her, and according to the rules of their religion, she had been unable to leave him.


2. Getting acquainted with technology

Getting acquainted with technology

These children from an African tribe are seeing a tablet for the first time in their lives. They live in a closed community that has little to no access to the outside world.


3. Finally getting a degree

Finally getting a degree

This mother of five successfully achieved her goal and graduated from a law university. Her 5 wonderful children were a great support in helping her achieve her dream.


4. One of the last living

One of the last living

This is a cochito – a rare, cute sea animal living near the Californian coast. There are no more than 12 adult cochitos left in the wild.


5. The death of a species

The death of a species

This picture shows the last minutes of a northern white rhinoceros. He was the last male, and was unsuccessful in breeding in order to save the species.


6. Generous doggy

Generous doggy

This small dog thought there was another dog in the house, so he decided to bring his best toys to the mirror so “the other dog” could join in the fun.


7. Friends through the cage

Friends through the cage

This man has just left prison, and immediately found his old friend. But the dog was in a shelter and there was a bill of $400 to pay, so there is little chance they can be together again.


8. After all these years

After all these years

This man has just been acquitted after spending nearly 30 years in jail. The most amazing thing is that he hadn’t committed the murder of which he had been accused.


9. Exhausted life savers

Exhausted life savers

The surgeon is monitoring the heart rate of a patient after a 23-hour operation. The doctor’s assistant can be also seen on the picture – he fell asleep right in the corner of the operating room.


10. In a gym’s dressing room

In a gym’s dressing room

This brave woman didn’t give up her favorite workouts after she had lost both her legs. In the picture, she’s getting ready to push in a gym and save her wonderful shape.


11. First and last dance

First and last dance

The young couple on this picture have just gotten married and they are dancing their first dance. What’s unusual is the bride’s mother watching the dancing from hospital. These are her last days.


12. Last glance

Last glance

On this picture a vet is putting down an old dog. The dog’s owner can’t stop crying while giving one last glance to her best friend’s devoted eyes.


13. Hair out of wish

Hair out of wish

This young girl is being treated for cancer. She draws her dream right on the mirror – the biggest wish is to have her hair back and be able to braid it and decorate with bows.


14. The heart of the loved one

The heart of the loved one

The old lady in this picture lost her son in a crash recently. The young lady received the donor heart from the dying man. Now this mother is happy that a part of her son is still living inside a human body.