14 scariest bridges around world – they bring fear

MAY 31, 2018 AT 04:37 AM


1. Sidu River Bridge (China)

Sidu River Bridge (China)

This is a culmination of Chinese technologies. The Sidu River Bridge holds a record for being the highest metal bridge ever constructed. It withstands the pressure of huge winds every day, which could one day see it demolished


2. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge (Northern Ireland)

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This bridge is hanging 30 meters above rocks and water. When the wind blows, you are unlikely to feel comfortable walking across it. The trouble is that the rope bridge is swinging quite hard.


3. Storseisundet Bridge (Norway)

Storseisundet Bridge (Norway)

The construction of this bridge in itself is amazing. It had to be constructed passing hundreds of small islands. So when driving quickly, you’ll get the feeling of a rollercoaster dropping down and taking off.


4. Rainforest Bridge (Costa Rica)

Rainforest Bridge (Costa Rica)

This is a wooden construction hanging on huge ropes. The trouble is that no one actually repairs the bridge, so some planks have already been broken off. This has resulted in some tourists falling down to the rainforest bottom.


5. The Bridge of Immortals (China)

The Bridge of Immortals (China)

It’s a unique place to visit. The bridge is high between the mountains and it’s only a couple of meters long, but the structure is so scary that not all tourists agree to walk across it.


6. Quepos Bridge (Costa Rica)

Quepos Bridge (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is known for its marvelous bridges, which typically fall apart nowadays. This is one of the most picturesque examples. Constructed dozens of years ago, it still allows trucks to go across.


7. Hanging Bridge Capilano (Canada)

Hanging Bridge Capilano (Canada)

This bridge is hundreds of meters long and it doesn’t have any supporting ropes or stands. The Capilano bridge classically hangs between two base points and there is a huge gulf under it.


8. Royal George Bridge (USA)

Royal George Bridge (USA)

It’s a scary construction - one of the scariest in the US! Just looking at this metal bridge over the huge canyon might put you off even thinking about going there, although, there is rarely any trouble with safety.


9. Hanging Bridge Hussaini (Pakistan)

Hanging Bridge Hussaini (Pakistan)

In Asia, it’s a tradition to create scary and dangerous bridges. Hussaini is a vital connection between a small village and the outer world. So, it’s used quite often, but most of the planks aren’t safe anymore.


10. Vitim River Bridge (Russia)

Vitim River Bridge (Russia)

In the northern part of Russia, there are some ancient bridges over small rivers. This is one of the most shocking. It has huge number of missing planks, it’s rotten all the way through and has no guard rails at all - and cars still use it!


11. Langkawi Sky Bridge (Malaysia)

Langkawi Sky Bridge (Malaysia)

This is a pedestrian tourist bridge built for looking at Malaysia’s best views. Although it’s been closed a lot of times for “renovation”, nothing has actually been done. It remains one of the most dangerous bridges in Asia.


12. Seven Mile Bridge (Florida)

Seven Mile Bridge (Florida)

This bridge is unbelievably even and straight, built with all the technologies of the modern world. Nevertheless, people are afraid to drive here, because the place itself often suffers from hurricanes and they destroy the bridge step by step.


13. Monkey Bridges (Vietnam)

Monkey Bridges (Vietnam)

These are constructed quickly and easily destroyed within one-two days. They are called Monkey Bridges because it seems only monkeys can go across and without falling.


14. Mount Titlis Bridge, Switzerland

Mount Titlis Bridge, Switzerland

This bridge hangs and swings from the wind with 3000 meters under your feet. If you are afraid of heights, it would be your worst idea to go there just for the gorgeous views of the Alps.