15 animal babies melt your heart immediately

MAY 31, 2018 AT 04:14 AM


1. Baby koala

Baby koala

This is a cute newborn baby koala. They are in danger of extinction, so today’s scientists and zoos around the world try to save their population in captivity.


2. Baby wolf

Baby wolf

This small creature is far from a dog. It’s a tiny wolf  born in a forest. When young, they are quite cute but don’t take a chance by approaching one – their mother is somewhere nearby.


3. Baby otter

Baby otter

Otters aren’t that cute when they are adults. But being small, this animal looks wonderful. This little otter was probably not very happy to be having its picture taken.


4. Small kitten

Small kitten

Kittens are taking over our minds. They are everywhere on the internet and cause impossible awe and veneration of social network users.


5. Baby rabbit

Baby rabbit

These ones seem to be pieces of happiness itself. Small rabbits are wonderful, but the white babies can have red eyes, which is frightening sometimes.


6. Baby leopard

Baby leopard

They couldn’t be more childish and friendly when they are small. But as soon as this cutie grows up, it will be the most heartless predator you’ve ever seen.


7. Little bear

Little bear

This is a huge bear just after being born. In 2 years, he will probably be the furious king of the forest, but now you can easily put him onto your palm.


8. Baby fox

Baby fox

This is a baby of white fox. The species look wonderful and are gorgeous both in zoos and in nature. But when small they are just pieces of magic.


9. Baby panda

Baby panda

This is a 1-month-old baby Asian panda. The panda cub waves hello and seems to be quite friendly, but actually they are afraid of people and the cubs aren’t too fond of being pictured.


10. Baby pig

Baby pig

Piglets are just impossible to pass by without admiring their wonderful appearance. Of course, in 1 year this beautiful baby will grow into a huge and dirty hog.


11. Baby flying possum

Baby flying possum

Flying possums don’t tend to be the most beautiful animals out there. But their babies are so cute, you can’t take your eyes off them.


12. Baby tigers

Baby tigers

Another type of kitten is baby tigers. They are even cuter than usual cats and you may adore them, but even small tiger cubs are dangerous for people.


13. Baby elephant

Baby elephant

This small elephant has rough skin and is of quite a big size right after birth. But it’s still a baby and it’s beautiful. To understand this, you probably need to watch them in the wild.


14. Baby dog

Baby dog

In just 1 year, this small guy will grow up into a huge fluffy dog. But now, it’s a piece of joy that can easily present you with tons of wonderful emotions.


15. Baby hedgehog

Baby hedgehog

There is nearly nothing more wonderful in the animal world than a little hedgehog. They are difficult to see, but you’ll be rewarded if you get the chance to look at them.