18 last pictures taken moments before tragedy

MAR 16, 2018 AT 07:01 AM


1. Before the Fall

Before the Fall

This is a final picture of the girl – the photo was taken right before she couldn’t hold up the huge building before it fell. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive.


2. Goat Aggressiveness

Goat Aggressiveness

To make it funnier, look at the little goat attacking a frightened woman. It probably didn’t cause much of a tragedy, but the woman is having a hard time looking at goats anywhere.


3. Duck Bite

Duck Bite

It’s highly unlikely that the woman in this picture would faint or die because of the duck bite. However, such unexpected moments in the zoo would not be a comfortable experience.


4. Surfing Surprise

Surfing Surprise

This is one of the most surprising stories about surfing. A man was out to show his talent and the shark attacked his surf board. Surprisingly, the surfer remained untouched.


5. Rhinos in Nature

Rhinos in Nature

It wasn’t that clever to take a picture near rhinos in the wild. This photoset ended with the heroes in hospital suffering multiple bone fractures which will take months to heal.


6. Driver’s Carefulness

Driver’s Carefulness

Let’s hope no one died after this photo was taken. Did the driver stop to say sorry to the girls after spraying them with mud from the road.


7. Headshot


This girl was going to take a simple picture to post on Facebook when the ball returned to hit her on her head. Her glasses were the only casualty of that situation – the girl survived.


8. Leopard’s Hunting

Leopard’s Hunting

Leopards clearly don’t like it when you hunt them. The hero in this picture will probably never use his gun to shoot wild things in nature. The reason is the absence of some of his body parts.


9. Take the Hammer

Take the Hammer

No one knows if the man on the right wanted to hurt the other guy? However, it must have been a very unpleasant experience even though not intentional.


10. Dog and Beach

Dog and Beach

Be careful when you sleep on a beach, at least when there are some dogs around. They don’t pay much attention to your comfort and may put you in harm’s way.


11. Again Doggy Business

Doggy Business

After this wonderful picture was taken, a man was unable to have children. He probably isn’t the biggest dog lover nowadays.


12. A Moment Before

A Moment Before Fall

Never try to impress someone with photos like this one! A guy died after taking the best and, unfortunately, the last picture of his life. Statistics show that he isn’t the only person to have been in this situation.


13. Playing with a Dog

Playing with a Dog

While playing with your dog make sure that it also enjoys the activity and doesn’t take it as a life challenge. It took a long time for his woman to get her health back after taking this picture.


14. Choosing a Partner for Work

Choosing a Partner for Work

Be careful about choosing a partner for physical work. Everything was fine in the end, but it looks like the main hero is going to need some needle and thread.


15. US Air Force

US Air Force

Military pilots also have great humor. In this picture, the person beneath the pilot’s cabin has no idea that he’ll be having cool shower.


16. TransAsia Airways

TransAsia Airways

Asian airplanes aren’t the best and the safest way to travel. This picture shows the plane seconds before a crash. Hundreds of people didn’t survive the disaster.


17. Not Dead Enough

Not Dead Enough

After shooting a bear while hunting, these men decided to take a happy picture. The bear wasn’t exactly dead and caused severe injuries to both men. This is another reason for not killing animals.


18. Final Lion Shot

Final Lion Shot

It’s not a good idea to shoot animals and this man proves it once again. A lion was investigating who tried to kill him minutes before. After this picture, the man survived but he’s never gone hunting since.