20 safe African countries to visit

NOV 24, 2017 AT 08:23 AM


Are you thinking about paying Africa a visit, but are afraid of the negative stereotypes coming from the mass media? Are you worried about your safety in the country you are planning to visit?

Well, fear no more!

African countries were recently recognized by the Fund For Peace, an United States think tank, for their stability. This index rates the danger of countries failing, based on key economic, social and political signs using the Conflict Assessment System Tool approach. Plus, the continent is extremely diverse, and you will never get bored after one visit. You will end up with so many friends along the way, that travelling alone is almost impossible.

So what do you have to fear? Take a trip to the continent and experience the beauty, culture and people that it has to offer. Here are some countries that should be on your bucket list.

Well, where do you begin?

Africa can be very intimidating for a foreigner to visit, because you may not be so sure where to start. Do you begin with seeing wildlife? Going on a Safari? Experiencing the culture? In our opinion, visit the continent when you are ready to immerse yourself in the adventure. Just because the continent has some of the economically poorest countries in the world, it does not mean it is dangerous. Here are 20 picks worth checking out.

1. Namibia




The good governance of the country makes it a very safe destination for travelers, and it will give you some of the best adventures of your life. When you decide to go to this country, hire a truck that will help you have epic wildlife encounters. Visit the famous Etosha National Park to see over 300 bird species and over 100 mammal families.

2. Botswana




Once a British colony, the country gained independence in 1966, and has become one of the best and steady democracies on the continent - this makes it an ideal destination for visitors.

Everyone in the country speaks English, so you will not have a problem getting around safely, and do not forget to watch the wildlife in their natural habitat! For additional experience, hire a “mokoro” ride to enjoy canoeing!

3. Ethiopia




Not many people know how beautiful this country is, even though boosting tourist numbers are a main talking point. The country welcomes you with open arms, and violence does not remotely exist and it is relatively safe for women to move around.

4. Malawi





The country struggled in previous decades to welcome foreigners, but it as a new government and a renewed economic boom supported by a progressive government, making it one of the safest countries to visit.knowing the locals and visiting the rural villages is a must-do on your list and an experience you will not forget easily.

5. Mozambique




A country that can offer a serene beach experience that has the whole package of palm trees and enjoying hammocks. The country also has a vibrant nightlife scene, fancy restaurants, and jet skis that are perfect ways to enjoy nature and unwind. If you love underwater exploration, the country has a rich marine ecosystem, so make snorkeling one of your experiences!

6. Seychelles





One of the most famous African island countries to visit, because it hardly has any bad news and has so many beautiful places to go such as Mahe and Petite Anse that offer you easy-going lifestyle. Many of its smaller islands have been converted to national parks to preserve the country’s natural beauty while allowing you to experience it for yourself.

7. Rwanda




This country has had a very painful past, but that has not stopped it from rising from the ashes! It has a very beautiful tropical rainforest that you can explore for days on end, as well as high security due to low crime rates and terrorism threats.

8. Kenya





This is a country that has been in the spotlight lately, mostly for negative news of terrorism attacks. However, the improved security situation in the nation has led to be safer than before.

The people are some of the friendliest in the world, and their kindness offered with genuine smiles will never cease to amaze you. Just take care of your valuables while you are there due to the widespread petty crimes, and you will be fine.

9. Morocco




The most stable nation in North Africa, it is is a country full of contrasting situations - it is where you see the Atlas mountains, and you also get to see the bust Djemaa el-Fna Square, as well as the friendly Berber people. The chances of you experiencing danger are rare, but just be vigilant against petty crime incidents.

10. Madagascar




It is not just the movie of the same name that is known, but the amazing wildlife variety that inspired the film itself. All the animals in the movie including the lemurs can be found here, and the good government policies should encourage you to visit the nation. In addition, the nation is ranked 38th on the world’s most peaceful countries rating.

11. Tanzania




If you are searching for a country having very friendly local people, this is probably the place you are searching. Communism, known as “Ujamaa” saves the people from committing negative actions, and has made the nation into one of the safest countries on the continent. The country offers you climbing adventure at every turn, with the highest mountain on the continent, Mount Kilimanjaro, being located here.

12. Zambia




Yes, you can get petty criminals here, just like anywhere else, but violent crime is almost non-existent. All you need to do is get yourself in the country, and enjoy natural wonders such as the Victoria Falls. There is also plenty of accommodation available for you as there are lots of budget hostels and hotels around Victoria Falls. In addition, the country has very high religious tolerance, despite being a predominantly Christian country, and it is one of the most urbanized nations on the continent.

13. Egypt




One of the North African nations that have suffered as a result of the infamous Arab spring, the economy is now recovering and tourist numbers are increasing. Consider group travel as opposed to solo travelling, for both security and comfort reasons.

14. Mauritius




According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, the country was ranked one of the first on the continent in terms of security and business climate. It has marketed itself as a trusted nation for investors, wealth management and estate planning. The population is multi-ethnic and culturally rich.

15. Gambia




You may not think of West African countries on the list, but the country has a vibrant beach resort scene on its coastline, while being surprisingly safe. It may be small, but it is often overlooked even though it has a wealth of things to offer. West African countries are said to give hospitable vibes, regardless of whether you are experiencing the culture or venturing to tourist resorts.

16. Ghana




One of the most peaceful nations in Africa, it has a unitary presidential constitutional democracy. In 2016, it was ranked 44th on the Global Peace Index, aided by a peaceful transfer of power between political parties, and it has good relations with its neighbors.

17. South Africa


South Africa

Despite the economic struggles this country has gone through in recent years, it still remains a must-see for visitors. Cape Town is beautiful, and Durban has a high population of Asian Indians. A word of advice though: do not travel alone to the rural villages, due to some incidences of theft.

18. Lesotho




This is a landlocked country, encircled by South Africa, and has a parliamentary or constitutional monarchy government. The judicial system is independent and the economy is economically integrated with South Africa.

19. Senegal




This is the Westerly point of the continent, and is largely unexplored by English-speaking tourists, yet it offers vibrant and rich traditions as well as security. It offers you beautiful scenery, rich music culture, tranquil atmosphere, and easy to reach beaches. The french have been visiting this nation since the 1970s, and there is no reason you should not visit too.

20. Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone


You may be surprised to see this nation on the list. After a civil war that lasted a decade, the country has risen from the stains of its past and has hit the ground running. It is rich in minerals such as diamonds, and is one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world since 2002, ranking 42nd in the Global Peace Index of 2016.


Is Africa safe?

To answer this question, yes. The continent may have a reputation of wars, famines or natural disasters and poverty, but keep in mind that these are simply false stereotypes from the media.

The continent may have suffered these unfortunate incidents in the past, but there is a renewed hope that drives the people to develop their countries while keeping them safe and welcome visitors. You therefore, have no need to fear when visiting the different countries.