20 tips on car care which professional cleaners wish we didn’t know

FEB 02, 2018 AT 04:02 AM


1. Refuse to buy solutions.

Refuse to buy solutions

Car washing solutions can be prepared easily with cheap ingredients: baking soda and liquid detergent (put 1 spoonful of each into 10 liters of water).


2. Make tires look great.

Make tires look great

You may use simple and cheap bleach to wash the sides of car tires. Don’t waste your money on expensive special products.


3. Cover with synthetic wax.

Cover car with synthetic wax

A bottle of special polishing wax can cost a bit. It will enhance the appearance of your car but also protect your car from different damage to the paint and color.


4. Clean car vents.

Clean car vents

You can clean all the air vents in your vehicle quickly. Take a little brush and any type of vacuum cleaner – nothing can be easier.


5. Clean leather.

Clean car leather

You could also save loads of money by buying a leather cleaning kit. It takes a few minutes to get your leather upholstery as clean as new.


6. Use a self-made mixture.

Use a self-made mixture for car

Use a self-made mixture for cleaning

Use some simple ingredients which are around your house and prepare a sticky mixture. It can remove all the dust and even some stains.


7. Wet wipes for interior care.

Wet wipes for car interior care

Keep a big pack of wet wipes in your glove box. It makes it easy to care for your car interior on an everyday basis.


8. Use baby shampoo.

Use baby shampoo for car

Have you seen the price of special car shampoo? Better a bottle of baby shampoo and use a little bit in a bucket of water to wash your vehicle.


9. Polish the headlights.

Polish the headlights

Polish the headlights of car

It’s very easy to polish the headlight glasses with cheap toothpaste. Cover the surface with the paste, wait for 5 minutes, and wash it away using a toothbrush.


10. Club Soda.

Club Soda for car

Use this wonderful drink to remove strains and clean your car interior of wine spots, coffee, or black tea stains. Then just wipe it dry.


11. Use white vinegar.

Use white vinegar for car

It will be easier to clean the windows or some interior upholstery if you add 2-3 teaspoons of white vinegar into a cleaning mixture.


12. Use chewing gum.

Use chewing gum for car

If you find a leak anywhere, you can easily stop it by using your chewing gum. Of course, it’s a temporary but quite efficient method.


13. Absorb water easily.

Absorb water easily in car

Take children diapers – you may use the cheapest ones. They are great to absorb water from different places in the car interior.


14. Fresh air with fabric softener.

Fresh air in car with fabric softener

It’s a great idea to hide a good fabric softener somewhere in your vehicle’s interior. It will keep air fresh for more than a week.


15. Polish easily.

Polish car easily

You can polish the finish of your vehicle with your own hands. Purchase a polishing paste and a piece of special cloth.


16. Use essential oils.

Use essential oils in car

Refuse to pay for those air-fresheners in special shops. Just find some essential oils and put some drops any place around the car interior.


17. Leather care – easy.

Leather care in car – easy

Use a couple of spots of olive oil to cover the leather in your vehicle. It makes it look wonderful and helps you save the upholstery.


18. Deal with grease stains.

Deal with grease stains in car

Use corn flour to remove even old strains made with greasy food. Just cover the greasy spot with it and wipe away after 10 minutes.


19. Use hard brush for mats.

Use hard brush for mats in car

Rubber mats aren’t cheap. Use water and a soap solution and a hard brush to clean bad stains from rubber surfaces.


20. Remove insects.

Remove insects from car

You can easily remove insects and different stains from the paint of your car with the help of simple and cheap mixtures. Look for them in special shops and departments.


21. Coal as an odor defender.

Coal as an odor defender in car

2-3 pieces of coal will help keep the air in your car fresh. Get rid of any bad odors and breathe clean air all the time.