8 inspirational women with unique appearances

DEC 29, 2019 AT 10:41 AM


Our world is a vast melting pot of cultures. It is this cultural diversity that makes us unique and presents different definitions of beauty that should be celebrated. The world is finally moving away from the rigid standards of conventional beauty and embracing the unconventional. We applaud these models who are making a bold statement about individuality and shattering traditional perceptions of beauty. They proudly face the world with their unique beauty and send a powerful message of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment-by showing how much you love your uniqueness, the world will love it as well.

1. Khoudia Diop


This young Senegalese woman is known as the "Melanin Goddess". Her skin is exceptionally dark because of her unique pigmentation. Khoudia Diop was always shy about her appearance because she was bullied as a child. However, when she moved to France, people noticed her unique beauty and advised her to become a model. When she moved to New York, she began working as a model (she was instrumental to the success of the Colored Girl project). Now she proudly celebrates her uniqueness. She was recently offered a contract with Makeup Forever, which specializes in shades for darker skin.