A maternity photoshoot transforms a frightened pitt bull into a joyful mother

JAN 28, 2020 AT 03:08 PM


Finding loving homes for stray dogs can be challenging, but even more so for a pregnant, two-year-old pit bull. If you believe in miracles, take a look at how a photoshoot transformed this frightened rescued pit bull into a loving, happy mother.

The story of Mama Pickles warmed our hearts, and when you read this story with the happiest of endings, you'll feel the same way too!


Big dog

Last September, a two-year-old female pit bull was found roaming the streets near Fort Mill, South Carolina. Animal control was called and the dog was taken to a local shelter. Unfortunately, when they reached out to the dog's family, the bad news was that they didn't want to take her back.

Although the soon-to-be mother needed special care the shelter wasn't equipped to provide, her luck changed dramatically when volunteers from Pits & Giggles Rescue, an organization that cares for pregnant and nursing mama dogs and their puppies, agreed to take her.


Big happy dog

When the volunteers first met the dog, they found an energetic, lovable, and friendly pregnant pit bull full of life despite her unhappy circumstances. It didn't take long for the staff to come up with the ideal name for her-Pickles-which perfectly fit her delightful personality. Despite being hugely pregnant, Pickles was so excited to be safe and cared for that she couldn't stop smothering the volunteers with affection. Better yet, she was a natural in front of the camera!


Happy dog mother

Because of her sweet nature, everyone fell in love with Mama Pickles when she arrived. The volunteers immediately knew they found the perfect model for a maternity photoshoot. However, most people are unaware that over half the time, shelters don't realize female dogs are pregnant until the last minute. The volunteers were happy that they found Pickles before she had her puppies.


Dog gave birth

Lauren Casteen Sykes, a volunteer and owner of Enchanted Hills Photography, set up the photoshoot. Sure enough, Pickles proudly strutted her stuff in front of the camera with her endearing poses and hilarious belly moves.


Small puppies

A few weeks later, Pickles welcomed eight adorable puppies. Pits & Giggles organized a follow-up story with a newborn photoshoot. Pickles looked absolutely joyful posing next to her cute babies.


Little puppies

We're happy to report that thanks to Pits & Giggles, Mama Pickles and her puppies have found a forever home! Pickles and her bully breed brother are inseparable and they spend their time cuddling on the sofa.


Big dog mother

While Mama Pickle's story has a happy ending, it's a grim fact that North Carolina has no spay/neuter laws and is third in the US for euthanasia. For the staff at Pits & Giggles, it was a rewarding and moving experience for them to witness Pickle's transformation to a loving mother, and see that she and her puppies found a forever home.

If you're interested in helping Pits & Giggles Rescue, make a donation or purchase an item from their Amazon list.