A maternity photoshoot transforms a frightened pitt bull into a joyful mother

JAN 28, 2020 AT 03:08 PM


Finding loving homes for stray dogs can be challenging, but even more so for a pregnant, two-year-old pit bull. If you believe in miracles, take a look at how a photoshoot transformed this frightened rescued pit bull into a loving, happy mother.

The story of Mama Pickles warmed our hearts, and when you read this story with the happiest of endings, you'll feel the same way too!




Last September, a two-year-old female pit bull was found roaming the streets near Fort Mill, South Carolina. Animal control was called and the dog was taken to a local shelter. Unfortunately, when they reached out to the dog's family, the bad news was that they didn't want to take her back.

Although the soon-to-be mother needed special care the shelter wasn't equipped to provide, her luck changed dramatically when volunteers from Pits & Giggles Rescue, an organization that cares for pregnant and nursing mama dogs and their puppies, agreed to take her.