Alexandra Trusova: Young, Beautiful, And Professional Figure Skater

DEC 09, 2021 AT 02:43 AM


Alexandra Trusova is a young Russian figure skater who is now climbing the hill of fame and is going to be the next star. She’s started taking part in numerous international competitions just a couple of years ago, and now she is thought to be the next possible Olympic Champion in 2022. Today we want to show you what exactly makes her different from all other figure skaters and what kind of life Alexandra loves the most.

Alexandra is a very tender and shy girl. She doesn’t have many interviews, but you can clearly see it from any videos with her. Though, she turns into a really strong lady when she is on the ice. And it proves that she has chosen the right way to develop her sports career.


Her family and childhood

Alexandra Trusova was born in 2004. Her parents have always supported the active lifestyle, sport in the family has always been the most important thing. Alexandra’s father is a master of sport in numerous martial arts and her mother is a former athletics champion. From a very young age, Alexandra has gone to sports and had the possibility to choose the way for her sports career. She also has two younger brothers who are going to be sportsmen, too.

The turning point in her career happened when her father needed to relocate to Moscow from their hometown due to his business relocation. Once Alexandra came to Moscow, she started training with the most famous Russian trainers and finally, she got into the group of Eteri Tutberidze. Eteri is well-known for her ability to turn a good sportsperson into an Olympic Champion. It was Eteri’s group that gave Alexandra a golden ticket to all Russian and international events and competitions.

The family has always supported Alexandra and helped her get confidence. She says that thanks to her mother, she could travel the world and be sure that everything will be safe. Until now her mom will always support her daughter personally by coming to whatever country they have competitions.

Is there time for private life?

The young lady, Alexandra Trusova, never speaks to journalists to tell them about her private life. There is still evidence that she has some kind of relationship with a boy. She once posted a photo on her social media showing that she had been in theatre with a boy. But journalists and fans failed to recognize the young fellow. Trusova has never been seen in a company of a boyfriend.

We have to wait because she’s only 16 years old. Alexandra has no free time due to the training timetable and she’s going to get it even worse before the next Winter Olympics. We suppose that after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics we’ll get to know much more about her private life. But for now, we can say that Alexandra Trusova lives in Moscow with her parents and is unlikely to have a boyfriend. Otherwise, she would be spotted with him by journalists.

Does she have time to study?

Fans of young figure skaters are usually concerned about their future after their sports career. They tend to retire at a very young age and then they need to think about education. Alexandra attends school in the evenings, so she manages to keep up with her study. She also says that she would love to get a profession connected with animals. Once she was in Australia and had a chance to come to a Koala-park. At that time Alexandra understood that animals are her passion. She hasn’t yet thought about her future career, but for now, she’s fully devoted to figure skating and has no time to think about any other things in her life.

Early sport success

Trusova is not just the next young figure skater. She is a unique girl who is going to be the future of Russian skating. In 2015 she was ready to become the youngest Russian champion in women singles, but the commission didn’t allow her to take part in the competition due to her extremely young age. After that, she won a couple of international tournaments and only in a year became the Russian champion.

Her passion for the sport is jumping high. That’s why she chose figure skating where you can jump and rotate to amaze viewers. Alexandra is the first girl ever to complete two quadruple jumps within one program. A marvelous cascade of six triple jumps was a unique thing that she showed during a training session at the Gran Prix final.
She says that before completing a jump she always stares at the jury so that they couldn’t turn their eyes to some other direction and only watched the jumps.

In Kaunas, Lithuania, Alexandra completed a quadruple lutz jump that is thought to be the hardest one among all kinds of jumps in figure skating. And guess what, here she was the first woman in the world again to complete the jump.

In 2019 in Japan Open Cup she managed to show 4 quadruple jumps within one program, and again that was the first time in the world in women singles. Now world understands that when Alexandra comes to the skating rink, there is little chance for anyone else to step up the podium.

Alexandra Trusova today

Currently, Alexandra keeps training hard to get ready for the next Winter Olympics. She believes that she can be the winner in women singles, but there is still a long way to go. Recently Trusova has to choose another training team in order to improve her results. And we hope that it will bring her success in international competitions.
Also, Trusova keeps getting new fans worldwide. She’s now a very well-known figure skater in Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many other countries. The girl is thought to be the next Olympic hope for Russia and the hope for even more exquisite figure skating jumps for the fans of this sport.

Alexandra Trusova on social media

Alexandra isn’t that active user of social media, but she still has her account on Instagram with over 258 thousand followers. People keep subscribing to her account because she sometimes posts pictures of her everyday life and also posts pictures and videos from sports events. She loves her dog Tina that is сhihuahua. Alexandra says she always takes her dog with her to competitions because it’s like a mascot for her – it brings luck.

Following her Instagram account could give you much information on her everyday life. Trusova says she will never turn to a lofty celebrity and will always share some part of her private life with her followers.
Her popularity skyrocketed after Alexandra started appearing on TV. She took part in some figure skating shows and projects organized by one of the most popular TV channels in Russia and she was quite successful in them. Her cute appearance and fame in Russia could be the key to a TV career in the future.

How much does Trusova earn?

That’s the question no one can answer. The girl is still under 18, so she doesn’t reveal her income. In Russia, there aren’t huge sports scholarships even for the most prominent sportspeople. Trusova has never taken part in Olympics, so we assume that her sports earnings are quite low. We are sure that the government compensates her expenses to fly overseas to take part in different competitions, but as for the salary, there could be a small scholarship or some one-time payments for her medals from all kinds of competitions.

But we can also say that Trusova earns a solid amount of money by having the contract with the Adidas brand in Russia. If you are an attentive person, you can see her wearing Adidas sportswear in many of the pictures on Alexandra’s social media. She also has the link to the Adidas account in her Instagram description. So we assume that she makes quite a lot by being an advertisement face of Adidas and also by appearing on TV and signing other contracts for ad campaigns.

We hope that Alexandra Trusova will be even more successful in sport and will achieve new heights in figure skating including the Golden Medal at Winter Olympics.