Amigurumi – the art of cute crochet animals

MAR 16, 2021 AT 08:56 AM


Want a new hobby unconnected to smartphones, the internet, and the digital world? You should try amigurumi, which is the popular art of crocheting astonishingly beautiful soft toys by hand.

The art of amigurumi comes from Japan. Its name is formed from two Japanese words: ami, which means “knitted” or “sewed,” and nuigurumi, meaning a soft toy.


Amigurumi – the art of cute crochet animals


Social media has made amigurumi a popular hobby in the USA and Europe, so today it could be called the art that has conquered the world.

Of course, what else is there for people do in these hard times? Sitting at home knitting beautiful toys is a great choice, for sure. We have to cheer ourselves up somehow!

If you have decided to start knitting soft toys, you’ll need to buy just a few things:

  • yarn
  • small crochet hook
  • stuffing material
  • floral wire for the movable base of the toy
  • some pebbles to distribute the weight of the toy evenly


Amigurumi – the art of cute crochet animals


The yarn should be 100% cotton, or 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. Many people use 100% acrylic yarn, but this cheaper option isn’t the best choice, as some parts of the toy won’t be visible because the yarn is so fibrous.

For the stuffing, you could use polyester or cotton. It’s a bad idea to choose cheap stuffing because good quality materials will transform your toy into an cute and lifelike creation.


Amigurumi – the art of cute crochet animals


You can learn amigurumi by taking numerous online courses. There are also free options like watching professional masterclasses or classes for beginners on social media.

Who knows, maybe you will be the next amigurumi expert and achieve world fame as the creator of unusual and unbelievably beautiful toy animals.

Millions of people throughout the world enjoy this hobby, and the handmade soft toys made by skilled people look really beautiful – even fierce animals can become cute.


Amigurumi – the art of cute crochet animals


When creating your next masterpiece out of colorful cotton and floral wire, don’t forget to post a picture of it on your social media account. Your work might even make it into our next video!