Anthony Edwards: NBA Talent. Family, Private Life, And Revenues

DEC 09, 2021 AT 03:09 AM


Anthony Edwards is only 19 but he is the hot topic among basketball fans. Will he play for Minnesota Timberwolves for years, or will he join another team next season? Who’s his girlfriend and who supports him in his way? Today we’re going to tell you more about this truly talented guy.


Anthony’s family

In his interviews, Anthony often says that his family is the most important thing in his life. His mother Yvette and his grandmother Shirley both died from cancer during an 8-month span over 6 years ago. He was brought up by his brother and sister who shared legal custody over him.

Playing for Minnesota Timberwolves has been his dream since Anthony started playing basketball in college. It means that he can be supported by his family members, by his friends who come to all games. Anthony always feels emotional when it comes to family questions during interviews.

Does he have a girlfriend?

Anthony Edwards is a young talent and he understands that he has to work hard to achieve success in his future career in the NBA. He spends hours every day training with his team and then continues training on his own. He rarely says something about his private life, but as far as we know, Anthony has no girlfriend. He is totally devoted to basketball and he wants to make sure he helps his team win every game.

Early life and first steps in the sport

Edwards always loved sport. In his early years, his father, Roger Caruth, called Anthony Ant-Man for being able to run extremely fast. The young man has had a lot of chances to star in different sports like baseball, golf, tennis and even swimming. His first professional sport was football. He played for Atlanta Vikings when he was 10 and once he even was named the best young running back in the country.

But in college Anthony got to a basketball team and this sport took over him. Basketball became his passion and then turned to be a good profession. Now he has a contract with Minnesota Timberwolves and he’s there to get the top players in the NBA. Many experts say he may well be among the top-10 players in the NBA in two or three years. Lebron James should be afraid now!

How much does Anthony Edwards earn?

Despite being a very young man, Anthony earns much more than an average American. He has a contract with Minnesota Timberwolves and his salary in 2021 is a little less than $10 million a year. He signed a rookie contract that guarantees over $40 million salaries within the next 4 years. In 2025 Anthony can get over $17 million a year!
In 2021 Anthony is the 125th best-paid player in the NBA. His net worth is estimated at $40 million and that’s huge for a guy who is not even in his twenties!

What else do we know about Anthony Edwards?

Anthony has two dogs and he dreams of having a lion. For now, he says, it’s quite hard to imagine, but one day he may buy one to care about the animal. Anthony gave up football and started playing basketball just because he thought it looked more fun.

There isn’t much information on Anthony Edward’s private life but we are going to hear a lot about this guy. He is certainly the next NBA star and it won’t take him long to prove it!