Artist’s Wild Imagination Creates The Craziest Animal Hybrids You’ll Ever See

MAY 23, 2020 AT 01:12 AM


If you love animals and thought you’d seen it all, wait until you see what the fertile imagination of Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen, known as #gyyporama, has come up with. This Norwegian electronics engineer has created some of the most hysterical and bizarre species by combining real animals in Photoshop. Get ready to laugh when you see these animal hybrids. Cute, crazy, or adorable? You decide!


1. Burb

Animal hybrid – burb


In late 2012 when Fredriksen was still a student, he began dabbling with Photoshop and started creating his whimsical animal hybrids for fun and to take a break from exams. He began by morphing a guinea pig with all types of animals to gain Photoshop experience.


2. Felinguin

Felinguin – animal hybrid


Fredriksen’s work became increasingly popular, so he continued creating his animal hybrids in  2013. Although he took a break from his hobby for several years while pursuing his career, he returned to creating the hilarious images.


3. Samoyird

Samoyed plus bird


Fredriksen admits that his technique for creating his animal hybrids is relatively spontaneous. He simply finds an animal he likes and tries to create a mix that looks natural.


4. Bowl

Bear plus owl


Fredriksen particularly likes mixing small birds with adorable animals. Yet despite the sometimes odd combinations he uses, the results always seem to look natural.


5. Meowth

Animal cat hybrid


Fredriksen also follows many Instagram accounts of animal photographers. These photos help inspire him to create his unique hybrids.


6. Squix

Squirrel plus fox


Since starting his Photoshop creations, Fredriksen now has over 52,000 Instagram followers. It’s the startling reality of the images that seem to attract his followers.


7. Spowl

Spyder plus owl


What sets Fredriksen’s popularity apart is that no matter what hybrid he creates, people around the world can still recognize and relate to them.


8. Chickabbit

Chicken plus rabbit


Fredriksen involves his followers in his creative hobby by having them recommend and choose names for his hybrids. Most are as hilarious as his quirky images.


9. Chitten

Chicken plus kitten


Fredriksen initially named the hybrids himself. But when fans frequently responded to his latest postings with even better and funnier names, he decided to let them vote for the best names.


10. Doggorang

Dog plus orangutan


Fredriksen loves all the funny comments that fans post daily on his Instagram account. It’s that support that motivates him to continue creating his images.


11. Pear

Penguin plus bear


Fredriksen loves seeing how fans respond to his images through their own drawings, paintings, and tattoos. Even children are inspired to create their own hybrids but cutting out pictures of animals from magazines.


12. Spug

Sparrow plus pug


When we look at the artist’s bizarre gallery of freaky animals, we have to wonder how he’d react if he saw one of his creations in real life.


13. Bish

Animal hybrid bird


Fredriksen admits his reaction to actually seeing one of his creations in real life would depend on which ones he met. Some of them would honestly terrify him!


14. Monkat

Monkey plus cat


Some of Fredriksen’s images go viral and get thousands of likes on social media. But here, we’re sharing some of our favorites pictures from his collection.


15. Rhinoctopus

Rhino plus octopus


It’s really quite amazing when you look at the many types of art created by everyday people. There’s no doubt Fredriksen has found his niche in the world of creative art.