Australia: the land of terrifying animals & 15 pictures to prove it

APR 01, 2020 AT 02:08 PM


Unfortunately for most people, Australia isn’t entirely populated just by friendly locals, cool kangaroos, and cute koalas. The Land Down Under could potentially be the most dangerous country on the entire planet when it comes to animals and should be renamed to “the Land of Nope.” For the most part, the country owes this reputation to its ruthless natural hazards, the dangerous animals that live there and all the terrifying things that want to make us yell ‘nope!’ and run away as fast as our legs can carry us.


1. Roofhanger. Suspended Grey Headed Flying Fox, A Megabat Native To Australia

Huge bat

Kristy Garbut

«Batwing is fine and dandy. He dried off and flew away as soon as it was night time. He was not sick, just wet.»

From unbelievably big spiders, to deadly venomous snakes, ferocious crocodiles, octopuses and disgustingly overgrown earthworms, the Great Southern Land seems to have it all when it comes to animals you’ll only find in your darkest nightmares. We can probably all agree that some Australian animals look absolutely terrifying, but how dangerous are they, really?


2. Australian Lizards 

Australian lizard


Around 170 snake species, alone, live on the continent.  100 of which are poisonous. However, that’s not even the worst of it: a grand total of 21 out of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes inhabit Australia. Snakes kill an average of 2 to 4 people a year here in the “down under”, but the number of casualties seems small when you compare it to the 11,000 individuals that snakes kill annually on the Asian continent.


3. Believe it or Not, this Spider isn’t as Dangerous as it Looks

Huge spider


This is the Huntsman spider, a common, yet intimidating spider that can be found in houses and gardens across Australia. Although he doesn’t look it, he's harmless, really, just don't let his large size intimidate you. Huntsmen spiders won't bite humans unless provoked and, better yet, they’re not venomous.  Better yet, they’re actually handy to have around the house because their speed and agility will keep your cockroach population under control.
Think of the huntsman as a handy, but slightly scary, pet. Respect their space, let him do them do their job and they’ll look after you well.


4. Meanwhile, Down Under

Anaconda eats a crocodile

Anaconda eating an alligator


An Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus), western Australia's largest python, feeds on an Australian freshwater crocodile (crocodylus Johnstoni).


5. Araucaria Pinecones, Sharks & Crocs, OH My! 

Big Danger Bump


Sharks in this neck of the woods kill about 2 people each year, whereas crocodiles killed 14 people between 2005 and 2014.  Compare that to 10 deaths during the 33 years preceding 2004.  Unfortunately, it’s not just animals that can harm you in Australia. The country is also known for its colossal 10 kg pinecones that can fall on you as well as tennis ball sized hailstones that can cause you serious damage. While in Australia, it’s best to either keep your eyes peeled in all directions, or shut your eyes and wish you were somewhere safe and sound.


6. Be Brave and Live in Australia

Strong and big kangaroo


No wonder the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, beloved zookeeper, and one of the bravest people in history, hails from Australia ,where danger lurks around almost every corner and you’re not sure which animals are scary and which are actually dangerous.


7. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus)

Crocodile in the salt lake


«I'm from Darwin, Australia and our rivers here are full of these monstrosities. This guy here is nicknamed Nifty, and he is about 6m long.»


8. Honey, There Is A Kid on the Bug...

Huge insect


They’re harmless but the minute you see this crazy creature, you just stop thinking and try to figure out how to save the person it’s landed on.  These kinds of animals are seen quite often on Australian ranches.  Just think, you won’t even need to go to travel to some distant jungle to bump into these buggers.


9. A Spider Frost Morning. Rural Victoria, Australia

Australian spiders

Web table


«Now is when you start hiking with a can of hair spray and a lighter.»

It’s not Halloween day, it’s worse!  It’s a real spider net that happens to be spread all over the territory. Can you imagine the number of massive spiders that it would take to produce such a net? Horrible if you have arachnophobia, for sure!


10. This Is How Australians Ensure Their Electricity Meter Doesn't Get Read

Spiders on an electricity meter


«OK, maybe next time you’ll get lucky! »

It will give you goosebumps if you even glance at this picture. Can you imagine what thoughts were going through this person’s head as they were just trying to look at the electricity meter?  Australians have gotten used to such things and learned to live in harmony with nature, no matter how scary it can get.


11. Meanwhile, Over in Australia

Snake in the toilet

Snake right in the toilet


Snakes are just an everyday thing in Australia. You won’t see them often in cities, but towns and villages are stocked full of them. After looking at these pictures, a lot of people start to scratch Australia off their bucket lists!


12. Toads on a Python

Toads ride a snake


Cane toads are deadlier than the infamous python, believe it or not. Cane toads have very few predators due the poisonous toxins they create. These cane toads were hitching a ride to escape a storm.  These toads are everywhere even though they don’t originate in Australia and have long been a threat to farmers.


13. Dead Whale Filled with Gas, on the Brink of Exploding in Bunbury

Whale explodes

Mark Watkins

After dying, whales fill with a specific gas which comes from the process of decomposition. The currents near Australia often bring dead whales, like this one, to the shore. Once they explode, pieces of whale meat are quite literally, everywhere!  I guess we can all be thankful when these whales explode out in the open ocean.  


14. This Giant, Hot Pink Slug is only Found on one, specific island

Australian snail


Even slugs can be dangerous in this country. This is an extremely rare animal which can be very dangerous to just about anyone and everyone. Hopefully, these huge slugs won’t spread to the rest of Australia. For now, they only live in one area and aren’t showing any interest in expanding their territories.


15. You Know You're in Australia when a Frog Can Eat a Snake

Frog eating a snake

The frog ate a snake


«That frog looks like The Hulk!»

If you studied zoology in school, you remember that snakes eat frogs, right?  Right.  But, in Australia, frogs apparently don’t know that, so they’ve decided to change the rules of nature and be the first to attack. Do you like this bright green frog and its attitude towards life?