Bullet bra – symbol of women’s fashion in the mid 20th century

JAN 28, 2020 AT 02:27 PM


Fashion and cinema have always ruled the world of beauty. Women will suffer anything  for the sake of looking fashionable and trendy, even if trends are far from beautiful. Today we'll look at bullet bras, a popular fashion trends in the 1950s.



Bullet bra

The bullet bra had sharply pointed cups designed to enhance a woman's breasts. When we look at these pictures today, we have to wonder who decided this trend was attractive?



Bullet bra fashion

You can easily find hundreds of women wearing these bras in photos from the 1940s and 1950s. This bra was extremely popular in the US, but it also fashionable in Europe. Just look at women in pictures at that time. You'll be shocked how you didn't notice it before.



Weird bullet bra

The bra gave the illusion that women's breasts weren't rounded but pointed. It looks strange to us today, but to conform to fashion, women wore these bras to change their naturally beautiful appearance.



Old-fashioned bullet bra

It's obvious that Hollywood started this fashion. The first bullet bra was presented in Frederic Mellinger's shop in Los Angeles. It was a shop for wealthy clients that offered the latest fashion trends.



High fashion bullet bra

Mellinger's shop was the first place to introduce black underwear, push-up bras, and bullet bras. The selection of underwear was aimed at movie stars who wanted to make an impact on their appearance.



Unusual bullet bra

Fashion designers say that these types of bras would never be popular with women today. Movie stars were responsible for wearing them and starting the fashion trend during that era.



Beautiful bullet bra

Actresses and models wearing bullet bras under fitted dresses created a new trend called aggressive femininity. That's why even housewives started visiting Mellinger's to buy bullet bras.



Fashionable bullet bra

Bullet bras were uncomfortable. They needed special inserts and caused posture issues. However, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield turned this bra into mainstream fashion.