Explorer Of The Seas – Voyage-Class Ship Of Royal Caribbean. Deck Tour

JAN 11, 2022 AT 03:24 AM


When you want to get some rest, you will wish to fill every minute of your vacation with great entertainment and wonderful emotions. If it’s all about you, it’s worth choosing one of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships for spending your week off work. It’s not only about the destination that you choose, but it’s also about the time you spend between shores. And here the company has a lot of surprises for those who want a bright vacation.

Finally, after a long break, cruises are available again. The huge ship Explorer of the Seas is ready to have clients onboard and start off to some Caribbean shores filled with sun and warmth. It sounds so good that we ourselves started booking staterooms for the next Explorer of the Seas cruise before finishing all the work with this video, so sorry if something goes wrong in the end.

We love Royal Caribbean cruises because they provide the most diverse and interesting services aboard their ships and they offer unique emotions even if you have experience of cruises. Today we’ll tell you about the Voyager-class cruise ship and will explain to you why it’s a good idea to book your suite there.


Specs and facts about Explorer of the Seas

The cruise ship can take more than 3100 guests on board, as well as 1180 crew. This is obviously not the biggest vessel in the world of cruises, but it’s quite big. The ship was launched in 1999 and started its life as a cruise ship of Royal Caribbean in 2000. It’s one of the oldest ships now in action in the fleet of the company, but it still offers a lot of wonderful things to do.

The company completed the refit of the ship in 2015 adding new entertainment. Also, small changes were made during 2020 when cruises were on hold and the ship was docked nearly all the year. Now it’s still a very up-to-date and beautiful ship that can provide you with great vacation time. You just need to know what to do there.

The length of Explorer of the Seas is 311 meters or 1020 feet. The gross tonnage is over 138 000 tons. The ship is powered by 6 Wartsila engines each having 12 600 kilowatts. The propulsion is diesel-electric. Even comparing the ship specs with modern cruise ships, you aren’t likely to find many things at Explorer of the Seas that can be called old or outdated. The ship can cruise at the speed of 23.7 knots which is over 27 miles per hour.

There are 15 decks, the majority of them are full of cabins and staterooms for guests. There is even a scientific center for studying marine life, but it isn’t open to the public now.

Things to do on Explorer of the Seas

After a refit in 2015, they added Flowrider attraction, so you may experience real surfing emotions with artificial waves. Ice skating is possible on the ship as there is quite a big skating rink in the entertainment zone. Of course, pools are there and pool parties will be actually your favorite activity. Pools are located on upper decks, part of them are open, but there are also indoor ones in case the weather is not so good.

Performances are organized every evening. There are a couple of events happening onboard every night. You will have a leaflet telling you which events you may attend on the ship on a certain day. The list of activities is usually very long, so everyone will find the best place to get entertained during the day.

There are 8 bars and lounges where you can have a drink and relax. Also, there are 8 places where you can eat. Restaurants and cafes are free for guests, just enjoy your meals and don’t care about anything else.

The 3D cinema and huge theatre will welcome you in the evening. The list of entertainments is quite big.

Spa zone and gym will be the favorite places for those who want to stay healthy and active during the cruise.

Of course, as on virtually any Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you can climb the rock climbing wall. It’s located on deck thirteen. Yes, it’s not that big, but it’s usually one of the most attended entertainments on the ship.

You will also love the Skylight Chapel which is located on deck fifteen. Here are some impossible views of the ocean and to the shores open.

We couldn’t include all entertainment of Explorer of the Seas in our video, otherwise, it would be a very long review which you wouldn’t watch till the end. So it’s better to have this experience by yourself and learn everything about the available entertainment.

Staterooms and suites

Explorer of the Seas is quite an old ship, it’s been serving tourists all over the world for more than 20 years now. Even though Royal Caribbean completed one major refit and some other changes, they couldn’t include any additional rooms or change the plans of existing staterooms. So, four main types of rooms are available on the ship.

Interior staterooms are usually the cheapest, but they have one big disadvantage – there is no window.

Then, the most popular option is an ocean-view stateroom with quite a big window to watch the ocean while you are inside.

The balcony room is slightly more expensive, but it offers a really great thing – the balcony where you can have breakfast or drink your cup of coffee.

The most expensive accommodation type is a suite. It’s bigger than any other type of room on the cruise ship. It also has more expensive furniture, better design.

Finding good accommodation isn’t hard – you just need to check your budget and decide which kind of rooms you want to use while being aboard Explorer of the Seas.