Heart health linked to owning a dog, science explains

APR 01, 2020 AT 12:29 PM


It’s simple: whether you have a dog or not, we all know they make our lives better.  We know this without even seeing the scientific evidence that backs up this claim. Studies have proven, time and time again that having a faithful companion, tends to mean you also have better cardiovascular health and physical stamina. If you’re back and forth about getting a dog, consider the possible health benefits for you and your family.  Who knows, potentially owning a dog could make your entire family healthier!

We love dogs and we were glad to learn that these wonderful animals can not only make our hearts happier, but healthier, too. We’ve always known dogs are especially great for those who suffer from depression, but today’s studies also show that these fluffy and friendly balls of fur have a significant impact on owners’ hearts! So, let’s dive further in and explore how it works.




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In a study called The Kardiovize Brno 2030, researchers studied a population from Central Europe made up of 1,769 people, aged 25 to 64 years old, 44.3% of them being males, with no history of heart disease. Within just a few short years, researchers were able to compare dog owners with people who had other pets or no pets at all, in correlation with parameters like cardiovascular health, body mass index, diet, physical activity levels, blood pressure, smoking, and cholesterol levels.