How it feels to live in tree trunk

JAN 28, 2020 AT 02:40 PM


The Story of an Amazing Home


This is the treehouse interior


Lenom's idea was born when he visited the forest one day for a picnic and to gather some berries. When a strong storm kicked up, he urgently had to find shelter. He noticed a huge sequoia that had fallen years ago and the large cavity inside. After spending several hours sheltering in the cavity, he decided to use the trunk to build a house!

Sequoias, a species of redwood trees, are the largest trees in the world. The majority of them grow in the Pacific Northwest of the US. The tree used for building the house was 75 meters tall, 5 meters in diameter, and was nearly 1900 years old. Lenom managed to get a piece nearly 10 meters long because parts of the trunk had been previously removed from the forest.