How it feels to live in tree trunk

JAN 28, 2020 AT 02:40 PM


How Did He Do It?


It's still a little gloomy inside


One of the main features of the house is that the trunk is horizontally placed, providing a lot of interior room. The trunk is placed on a movable platform. Lenom wanted to travel around America with his unusual home, but the trunk size was too large so he never left California.

It took Lenom and a friend almost a year to build the house. They hewed the wood to form thin walls.

What Was the Result?


A bedroom for two


The house has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. There are no windows, but Lenom got approval for electricity in the house. It looks like a train carriage or airplane interior-narrow and long, with furniture arranged on both sides. Sometimes the treehouse travels around California, which people can visit for a small fee. There are even signs on the walls like "Don't sit on the couch!" or "Toilet is closed for guests!"