How to Respond to “Hey Babe” Text? Here Are Some Tricks

OCT 11, 2022 AT 01:52 AM


Communication with people who mean something to you is not a simple thing. You may just say one wrong word and spoil your relationship with a person. Especially when this person sends you some warm message in s messenger or greets you warmly after you haven’t seen each other for long.

Today, we are going to talk about the “Hey Babe” text and the ways to answer it. We’ll check how exactly you can answer depending on who sends you this text. And we’ll also consider what exactly this can mean when a person sends you a “Hey Babe” text in different situations.


Situation one: Your BF/GF sends you a “Hey Babe” message

This is a pretty common thing – people who love each other often start their conversations like this. Unfortunately, this is most common for those who date. When people marry, their texts often become more pragmatic and laconic.

So, if your boyfriend or girlfriend sends you a text saying “Hey Babe”, the most natural answer would be a greeting with some worm pet name accompanying it. Something like this:

  • Hi sweetheart
  • Hey hun
  • Hi love
  • Hey there beauty

This will certainly make your conversation warmer and will make your partner feel warm, too. It’s very important to show your feelings in your texts when you date someone. Just those dry messages with “How are you? Buy some bread” won’t make you happier.

In this cruel world, we need something warm and we desperately need something to make us happier. Just some warm words in your reply to a “Hey babe” message will certainly be invested in your relationship and make it better.

But of course, this won’t be OK to answer that way if you’ve just had an argument and your partner has just slammed the door and gone away. Yes, this message will certainly mean that the partner has cooled down and wants to put an end to this argument. But in this situation, you should rely on your feelings instead of searching for a possible answer online.

Situation two: unknown sender greets you with “Hey Babe”

Wow, this may sound like fun for someone. But you should know that a lot of sad stories started like this. Be careful and never be too open to any unknown people who text you. Even if you suppose this could be a very important person for you, you may just ask him or her a couple of questions.

For example, your answer could be as follows:

  • Do I know you?
  • Please tell me who I am talking to
  • Hey! Who gave you my number?
  • Hi there. Who are you?

By greeting this person, you will not seem to be too rude. But never answer with a compliment because this can be the hook for you.

A lot of scammers start their conversations like this to earn trust from the very first second of communication. After you answer with something sweet, this person will keep on talking about average things until he or she is fully trusted by you. And then this person will use some psychological tricks to cheat out some information from you.

Better don’t talk to a person if they don’t answer directly the question asking them who they are. This is important.

Situation three. If you don’t want to speak to a person who texts “Hey babe” to you

One more possible option is when you just don’t want to talk to a person who sends you this kind of message. For example, this may be your ex-boyfriend or just some intrusive acquaintance who wants to have your attention.

In this case, you have a couple of choices:

  • answer something cold like “I’m busy” or “Please don’t text me like that”;
  • ignore the message;
  • put the person on the ignore list;
  • text back that you’ll put him or her on to ignore list if they text something like that again.

Don’t try being nice in this situation. This will not save you but will certainly make more problems. For example, you may give the wrong hope to the person just by answering something like “hi there” to this kind of message. If someone texts you “Hi babe”, this person certainly wants something more than just warm chatting and texting.

Be fair with yourself and with the person who you are communicating with. This will save you from problems in the future.

What if your ex texts you “Hey babe”?

Well, it’s quite hard to give any advice in this situation because exes can be different. If a person texts “Hey babe”, he or she is certainly willing to be more than just friends. And on the way you answer depends whether it’s possible or not.

Although, you may still remember some warm emotions you experienced with your ex-partner, make sure you remember why you split up. Was it your idea? Was your partner rude or cold with you? Most likely, nothing good is going to happen if you start a warm and promising chat with this person.

The best thing is to just ignore that as well as a dozen of other messages that are going to come after “Hey babe”.

If you are sure you would like to try once more, you can answer back with just “hi” or “how are you” to see what happens next. But never be too expecting after “Hey babe” because this person may just want to take his or her hoody from your house. Be cold enough to let this person know you are not very interested.

What if someone very intrusive texts “Hey babe” to you?

Answering intrusive messages is not easy at all. Ignoring them is not a wise idea, too. So, what should you do?

When a person gets on your nerves and just bothers and annoys you with some messages, the best thing is to talk eye to eye with this person in a very cold and strict way. If it’s not possible, you will have to deal with this via texting.

Forget about any emoticons, exclamation marks whatever. Just be as cold as ice and don’t show your emotions. These people want to get your emotions, doesn’t matter whether good or bad, so stay cool whatever happens.

You may answer the “Hey babe” message with something like this:

  • “I’m not glad to read this, please never text me again.”
  • “I hate when people talk to me like that. Will block you immediately.”
  • “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but your expectations are vain.”
  • “Sorry, I’ll let my bf answer this message”

After such an answer, this person isn’t going to get on your nerves. At least, he or she will not get what they initially wanted.

Also, if a person keeps sending you those messages with hints, you should text back that you are calling the police and report that a person chaises you. Once you do this, the messages should stop coming.

What does it actually mean when a person texts “Hey babe” to you?

This means that this person has some warm feelings and would be really delighted to communicate with you. If it’s just “Hey babe” and nothing more, it means that the person is searching for some excuse or reason to text you. By sending this short message, your potential partner gives the ball to you and waits for your reaction.

The majority of people would continue texting something else. But if it’s just “Hey babe”, you can be sure that the person is quite shy. It’s hard for him or her to text you although they try to seem laid-back and relaxed.

If you don’t want to hurt the feelings of this person, try to avoid any cold answers. Even if you aren’t going to continue this, just say something warm and gently ask them to not text you anymore. This will be better than trying to hurt this person and finally having some problems in the future when you meet.