Huge MSC Virtuosa Cruise Ship: Inside View And Entertainments Explained

FEB 11, 2022 AT 12:56 AM


Those who love cruises, know that new ships are the best to choose when you are planning your vacation. These huge new vessels offer an astonishing number of entertainments and provide real fun. Among the companies working in the sphere of ocean cruises, MSC Cruises is one of the most famous.

It has 19 ships that are able to take you anywhere in the world. And they keep buying new vessels so that their clients always had a good reason to try new services.

Today we’ll be talking about the new MSC Cruises ship called MSC Virtuosa. This is a huge vessel that offers incredible rest, a comfortable stay, and exquisite food for those who love romantic vacations and want to try something new, luxurious, and top of the line.


Design, building, and launch

The ship is a Meraviglia-Plus class vessel and it’s the sister ship to MSC Grandiosa that was launched at the beginning of 2019. The Virtuosa was planned to be launched in 2020, but it experienced some delays in building. Also, it was originally planned to start right before the cruise crisis in the US and all around the world, so MSC decided to hold it up until 2021. Now you can experience something unique – you can be one of the first passengers in a huge ship that is going to impress you.

The MSC Virtuosa was built in France by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, a well-known shipyard that has already built numerous huge cruise ships. The plans to build two new ships were first disclosed in 2016, but the Virtuosa project started in 2018. The ship was actually ready by the end of 2019, but they didn’t need it at that time due to bad sales and quarantine measures all over the world. Now it’s a much better time to start.

The company originally planned to use the ship in the Mediterranean, but the French company needed some more time to finish the construction and to launch the ship for commercial use. So, the sister ship, MSC Grandiosa, was used in Mediterranean cruises instead of the Virtuosa. The ship started in May with UK-based cruises around British islands. In autumn 2021 the company plans to relocate the ship to Dubai for cruises in the Persian Gulf to the UAE, Qatar, Bahrein, and Oman.

The ship was built by a company that investigates much into the ecological points of owning a cruise ship. So it’s equipped with modern technological filters and catalytic converters that allow reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions by 80 percent and the sulfur emissions by 97 percent. It means that it’s one of the most ecological huge cruise ships in the world. Also, producers ensured that the vessel can run on shore power when docked. It means that its engines will be off when the ship is docked. They will use electric equipment ashore to maintain the ship’s operation and reduce emissions significantly.

Main specs and cost

The MSC Virtuosa ship shows over 180 000 tons of gross tonnage and that’s really huge. Its length is 1087 feet or 331 meters. The ship has 19 decks which are hard to imagine. Can you imagine a 19-story building floating in the ocean? The cruising speed is 22.3 knots or around 26 mph. Now the most interesting part: the maximum capacity is 6334 guests and 1704 crew. Unbelievable! More than 6000 people can board the huge ship and relax there for a week or two without actually disturbing each other.

Advanced hydrodynamics ensures that the MSC Virtuosa burns less fuel and achieves higher speeds. The company also worked with stabilizers and now they ensure that you’ll be swimming in one of the pools and enjoying your life even if there is a slight storm outside.

They even invented special heating and air-conditioning system. It works as smart home, so you can control the microclimate in your suite remotely and even if you want a very hot or extremely cold temperature in the stateroom, it won’t be a problem. The heating and conditioning system works with low energy consumption and this adds to the high level of the ship’s efficiency.

Service options, locations, and features

The first thing to notice is the Yacht Club. No, you won’t be given a separate yacht to float around MSC Virtuosa, but you’ll be put into a special area that is accessible to Yacht Club members only. The best accommodation, private pools, astonishing restaurant and many other VIP-level services are waiting here. The obvious disadvantage is that you’ll pay much more than others. Of course, all other ship facilities are available for you at no extra charge.

There is a huge SPA and Wellness area where you can get a massage and calm down. A lot of procedures for beauty and relaxation will make your mood better.

There are 5 pools at MSC Virtuosa, and they can accommodate over 1000 people at once giving more than 10 square meters of place for every single person. One of the pools is actually a big waterpark – one of the biggest pool areas at sea. Nearly all pools are located on the upper deck. But there is one – our favorite, and it’s in the front part of the ship giving you unforgettable sea views for complete relaxation.

If you are traveling with your kids, the MSC Virtuosa will be a good choice. MSC Cruises partners up with LEGO to create the most involving entertainment areas for kids. Children will love the experience and you may be there with them or enjoy your time while professional entertainers will take care of the children.

Like many other cruise ships, MSC Virtuosa has the main promenade. It’s called Galleria Virtuosa and it features main restaurants and shops. The promenade is located in the very center of the ship, so it’s actually an indoor place. But you’ll be amazed to see the bright sky on huge LED panels installed on the ceiling. It looks magnificent and the sky changes all the time.

The starship club features the world’s first robotic bartender called Rob. It all looks really futuristic. Savannah Aquapark will probably be your favorite place on the ship. But after the sunset, you can go to Le Grand Theatre to see what MSC Cruises has prepared for you. 3 performances happen each night. Red Gem casino will only work in the places where it’s legal, so you can even gamble there. If you are into partying, there is Attic Club for more alcoholic cocktails and some cool DJ music.

The interactive game at the MSC Foundation center is great for both children and adults. And Sportplex will offer you some great ways to keep fit after good meals in the numerous restaurants. There is one more thing that will make you book the cruise right now: the life-size Formula-1 simulator with a huge bent screen in front of you to put you into a real racing environment. There are actually two cars to compete with your friends.

There are 10 dining venues and 16 indoor bars aboard MSC Virtuosa and you won’t be hungry. Nearly all venues are free of charge, but if you buy the cheapest ticket, get ready to pay for many things onboard.

Accommodation options

While we are booking the suite with one hand and making the rest of our video with the other one, let’s quickly look at accommodation facilities on the ship.

The best suite on the ship is MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite which actually looks like a luxurious home. Yacht Club Duplex Suite also looks nice with two levels for your comfort. Also, there are Yacht Club Deluxe Suite, Yacht Club Interior, Grand Suite With Private Whirpool, Suite which is slightly better than a stateroom. Then there are balcony staterooms, Family Cabins, Ocean View Staterooms, Interior Staterooms, and Interior Studios. Even the cheapest accommodation includes a 140-centimeter-wide bed and the room is approximately 12 square meters.

With different prices and different plans, you will find the best decision to suit your budget and needs. We believe, the MSC Virtuosa is one of the best ships for a calm and relaxing vacation. It’s not so good for wild parties and cruises with friends, but it’s great for families or for couples seeking a peaceful and quiet day at sea.