I inspect the toilet before flushing – why?

JAN 21, 2021 AT 09:28 AM


Today we’re going to talk about one of the weirdest habits that nearly every person has. But will anyone tell the truth when asked if they look into the toilet after using it?

Our subconscious fears are never far beneath the surface

I inspect the toilet before flushing


Such an ancient and important ritual as going to the toilet shouldn’t be treated lightly. Want to know how to avoid silly mistakes? Then you should watch carefully. After visiting the restroom, be sure to check if there is nothing terrible in the toilet. If someone is staring back at you from the dark, watery depths, first make sure that it is not your own reflection. And in no circumstances provoke the enemy! Just press the flush and hurry away.

But seriously. Throwing a casual glance down the toilet every time you get off it is absolutely normal. It turns out that, psychologically, for a healthy person it is simply necessary to see the product of their activity after visiting the toilet in order to unconsciously check their health.

Can you see something purple down there? The texture of concrete? The size of a bowling ball? Then you should consult the doctor. Please take care of your health. You are very important to us as a subscriber! Oh, did I say that out loud?

Human nature can be unstable

I inspect the toilet before flushing


Examining the contents of the toilet is also important because the shape and color of your poo can tell you a lot about your health. For example, if rose petals are floating on the water, then you are probably no longer a person but a fairy princess. If the restroom is lit up with the multicolored glow of a rainbow that starts in the toilet, you should check whether maybe you’ve become a magical unicorn. Although in most cases, the view down there is much more prosaic.

Next time you victoriously get up from the toilet, try to break the habit and not look down! We guarantee you will feel uncomfortable about it until you visit the restroom again and can perform the entire ritual properly.

But if someone asks you whether you look down the toilet after using it, do not admit to your habits. Because the first rule of inspecting the toilet contents is not to tell anyone about inspecting the toilet contents. Except your doctor, of course.