I Want to Hug Someone and Cry - Why Does That Happen?

NOV 22, 2022 AT 06:22 AM


Any person has a certain range of emotions. Some of us are more emotional while others may seem like a rock showing no emotions at all. But after all, all people are emotional and need to show their emotions from time to time. Women tend to be more emotional than men and they really often need “recharging”, such as crying, for example.

Today, we’ll tell you why you want to hug someone and cry and what it can lead to. Also, we’ll tell you what to do if there is nobody you can trust around you. These moments are so intimate and personal that even reading articles online can be embarrassing. But you should know what to do in these situations and why they happen in the first place.


So, let’s get started!

Why do you want to hug someone and cry?

Usually, this happens when a person has gone through a very hard loss. For example, one of the relatives died, the loved pet passed away, or the partner left you after a big argument. This means you are now empty inside and need someone to help you cope with the situation. This can hurt a lot, and it’s not only bad for women. Men will also show their emotions in such situations.

So, the first reaction to the stress you are going through is to be alone. You will not want to see anyone for an hour or two depending on how bad the loss or stress is. After that, you will feel so empty that being alone will become unbearable and you will want to see someone who you can trust.

Hugging is one of the natural gestures that comfort us. We won’t hug our enemies or any people we don’t like. And our brain knows that if someone hugs us, this person loves us and is ready to support us. So, hugging actually helps you relax and gives you some positive emotions to fill your soul in the moments when it’s completely empty.

So, here comes the combination of hugging and crying. You will want to hug a person you can rely on and you will want to cry because your emotions are relieved and you are going through huge stress.

Why do hugging and crying help us cope with problems?

When we press somebody to our chest, our brain understands that we are safe. It can still suffer because of the loss, but it will feel safe and it won’t surprise you with even deeper depression.

Crying relieves emotions. You may seem like suffering, but when you cry, your inner condition becomes better. After you cried for some time, you feel better. And it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

Of course, it’s not that usual to see a man hugging someone and crying because his hamster just passed away, but men also need this “recharging” and want to comfort themselves somehow when bad things happen in their lives.

Hugging and crying as the way to cope with stress

Of course, this will not work in all situations. You should follow your instincts and do what you want to do when you feel bad. In some kinds of stress, a person will only want to be alone for some time. In some other kinds of bad situations, the same person may want to cry on a shoulder of a very close person.

If you don’t feel like having this support from someone and also crying, you shouldn’t use it as the remedy for your stress. The best thing is to listen to yourself and see what exactly you want to do right now.

We know that it may even be more stressful when your close person tries to make you calm down. If you don’t want them to tell you anything, just let them know. Also, never hug anyone you can’t rely on. This will not help you comfort your soul but will even make you feel worse.

What to do if there is nobody around to hug?

We can imagine the situation when a man slams the door and leaves a woman in despair and in tears. At this moment, the worst idea is to go to your neighbor and hug them. You will need a person who you can trust like your sibling or parent. If you can’t go to your mother and cry on her shoulder, the best thing to do is to let you calm down alone.

You can cry, of course, this will help you get back to normal condition much faster than if you try to hold it all inside. Also, a good idea is to hug a teddy bear or some other soft toy or even a pillow. Just take something warm and safe to hug and cry. This will help you relieve the initial stress and cry out all tears you have in your soul.

Surprisingly, hugging a soft toy or a pillow will work as well as hugging a friend. But the pillow will not tell you anything. So, if you want to hear some words of support, this is not your option.

What else you can do to cope with stress and depression?

Well, it’s quite hard to give any advice because every person lives through stress in a certain way. If you feel that things go out of your control, the best thing is to contact your doctor and find an optimal solution for you.

If the stress is mild and you feel you can cope with it, the best solution is to just let yourself feel all those emotions and live through them. Maybe, you can drink some herbal tea or even take some medicine that you usually use to cope with excitement or stress.

But the most important thing is to control your thoughts. On these occasions, our mind can be our main enemy as well as our best friend, depending on how we use it.

Here’s how to control your thoughts in a very stressful or depressing situation:

  • stop trying not to think about the cause of your depression or stress – it’s completely OK to think about that now;
  • understand that whatever happened in your life, you are alive and you can rely on close people;
  • hug something like a pillow or a soft toy and cry if you feel like it, but don’t try to hold all your emotions inside;
  • call a friend who you want to hear at that moment and share your emotions, friends are great supporters;
  • call a social support service – it’s not hard to find their number online – sometimes it’s easier to talk to a person you don’t know.

So, you should do whatever seems right to you at that very moment. We would recommend staying alone for some time to sort out all the thoughts. But if you feel the situation is getting out of your control, never hesitate to call someone and ask for support.

We believe any person can cope with any kind of stress. This ability is natural to all people. But sometimes we need someone to guide us through our problems to see the exact way to solve the issues and keep living our normal life.