Inside Dilbar Yacht – One Of The Richest Interiors At Sea

JAN 24, 2022 AT 02:01 AM


When googling for Dilbar yacht, you may be surprised to know that there have been three Dilbar yachts starting from 2005. The thing is that Alisher Usmanov, the owner of dilbar yacht and the Russian billionaire, has had three yachts that he called Dilbar. Two of them were renamed and sold, and the third is still owned by Usmanov and is known to be the world’s biggest superyacht by interior volume. This is a true cruise ship, the unbelievable vessel that will make you hold your breath if you suddenly spot it in one of the European harbors.

The yacht is 156 meters long and it has quite powerful diesel engines with a hybrid propulsion system. But the specs aren’t the most important features of this superyacht. The interior is just amazing, and this is what we want to tell you about today.


Dilbar’s interior – not many people have seen it

The superyacht Dilbar has a classical interior made of natural wood, leather, and other expensive materials. There are rooms with dark wood and natural-colored wood that covers nearly all the interior. Given the wood types used for Dilbar were extremely expensive, we can’t even partially estimate how much they spent for just interior decorations.

The total price of the yacht is estimated to be around 800 million US dollars, and that’s amazing. The yacht has quite a lot of masterpieces by famous artists in the interior. Furniture is the most important thing in the interior of Dilbar yacht. If you are a designer, you probably know that luxurious things shouldn’t be screaming that they are expensive. It’s all about the Dilbar – the interior seems to be quite simple, but if you look thoroughly at the furniture, you will see that every single chair, couch, and the bed is made by the best European furniture maker.

The classical style may make the yacht look rather simple inside. It’s certainly not a high-tech interior style that is sometimes used on yachts belonging to the list of the world’s richest private vessels. We see that Alisher Usmanov likes reserved interiors which are filled with extremely expensive things. The style of the yacht is repeated in every single stateroom, and it all looks just perfect.

What can Dilbar offer to guests?

At the time the yacht was launched, it was the biggest private vessel in the world in terms of gross tonnage. And yes, it is really huge. The length of 156 meters or 512 feet is incredible. The beam of 24 meters or 79 feet and also a draft of 6.1 meters don’t allow the boat to travel without proper route investigation. If you are the captain of Dilbar, you’ll have nervous work each day trying to figure out where you should go to avoid obstacles in the seas and oceans.

Dilbar can take aboard more than 40 guests and more than 80 crew members. It has over 3800 square meters of living space, and that’s amazing. For wiring all the equipment on Dilbar, Lurssen engineers needed to use 1100 kilometers of electric wires.

The design is one of the most important points. The exterior of the yacht seems quite compact. If you look at Azzam or Dubai yacht that are only slightly bigger than Dilbar, they seem unbelievably huge at the first sight. But just a quick glance at Dilbar will give you the feeling that this is just one of those compact luxurious yachts. You’ll never guess it is the fifth longest private vessel in the world.

The yacht has seven decks to accommodate guests and crew. There are 20 en-suite cabins that are much like luxurious hotel suites. Unfortunately, journalists are never invited to travel aboard Dilbar yacht, so we have little to no information on its interior. But we are quite sure that Andrew Winch did his best to ensure that every single guest is amazed at the opportunities on this yacht. Winch Design company was responsible for interior design, and you probably know that this studio has designed the majority of luxurious superyachts.

The yacht has a separate conference room as well as some other rooms for meetings. There are also spacious gym and spa areas.

The technical side of the superyacht

The German shipyard, Lurssen, is the most popular company among rich guys who want a superyacht. The company has built 5 out of the world’s 10 biggest superyachts and it keeps leading the market. Dilbar yacht was one of the most expensive projects, according to estimates, so we suppose the technologies here were the most up-to-date and even futuristic.

They needed to ensure that stabilizing systems work right, because otherwise, the yacht couldn’t travel through the oceans. The stabilizing system must have been engineered from scratch using some technologies that they had used for Azzam yacht.

The engine is a Wartsila diesel motor, but it is coupled with an electric engine making Dilbar the biggest hybrid yacht and one of the most environmentally friendly superyachts if you can combine these two words at all. The hybrid power allows the yacht to travel at 22.5 knots of maximum speed and over 17 knots of cruising speed. That’s not the fastest superyacht in the world, but it burns less fuel and proves to be more ecological than its competitors on the market.

Tenders and additions to the yacht

If you own a yacht like Dilbar, you don’t want to have simple tenders like all other yachts have. And we won’t tell you a lot about a 9.5-meter boat that can dock inside Dilbar. This is a thing that nearly all megayachts have just for getting somehow to the shore at places where there are no docks and ports.

But we’ll tell you about the specially built Airbus helicopter that comes as a tender for Dilbar yacht. It’s Airbus H175 with completely new interior features. It has elite materials, improved interior insulation, and special seats for passengers. It even has a couch at the rear so that passengers could feel comfortable during long flights. The estimated price of this Airbus H175 helicopter is around $17 million because of special design changes made to the machine when preparing to be the Dilbar tender.

We are quite sure that Dilbar has many more water tenders, but there is no information about them.