Is a High Five a Sign of Flirting? We Explain

DEC 15, 2022 AT 02:38 AM


If you've ever received or given a high-five, you may have wondered whether or not it was a sign of flirting. Usually, it's not straightforward to tell the meaning of a high five. But, in this article, we'll help clear up any confusion. 

So what does a high-five mean? A High five is a universal gesture often used to show support and solidarity. Notably, there are other meanings of high five. For instance, it can be a way of saying, “I like you.”


Can High Five be a form of flirting? Yes

Although a high five is often seen as a sign of friendship, it can also be used as a sign of flirting. Therefore if you’re flirting with someone, a high five can be a great way to show them that you’re interested in them.

Other Gestures That Show One is Flirting With You

While it may be difficult to base your judgment on a simple high five, you can note and analyze the person’s body language, words, and actions when around you to ascertain whether the high five is flirtatious or not conclusively. 

Mainly, when somebody is so much into you, the person will likely high-five you, and you should be keen to notice other gestures that show the person is interested in you. Usually, you can quickly tell a high five is a sign of flirting when you see it, even when it's not obvious. A high five can be used as a subtle way to show that one is interested in another person. It’s often used to express feelings for one another without being too explicit. 

But what if your friend you already know and interact with often gives you a high five? Does that always mean they want to flirt with you? No. Although high fives can be flirty, it's not always the case. The following are important clues to establish whether the high five is flirtatious. 

- Is There an Attraction Between the Two of You 

If there's an attraction between you, then the high-five gesture could be interpreted as flirty by either party.

- Lingering Hug or Touch 

While touch is not necessarily flirtatious, if somebody touches you or hugs you, and the touch lasts slightly longer, it could be that the person is interested in you and flirting. 

- Eye Contact 

eye contact is one of the signs to look out for before you conclude that somebody is flirting. Usually, when the eyes come into contact and last a little longer, it creates an attraction between the two of you; hence the high five could signify one is interested in you.

- Is He Teasing and Making Jokes While Around You? 

Usually, teasing is a prominent part of flirting. To capture your attention, a person interested in you will try to make jokes. Therefore, if after the high five, the person proceeds to make jokes and tease you, then the person might be interested in you. 

- Does He Pay Attention and Compliment You? 

A person interested in you will not only give you a high five. The person will notice and complement your beautiful dress, appearance, talents, or smile. 

- Does the Person Make Time for You? 

A person interested in you will make time to be with you. Therefore if the person you guess is flirtatious is making an effort to be with you, then it could be true that the high five was flirtatious. Even when it's challenging to be with you physically, he texts or calls you. 

- Does He Often Laugh When Around You? 

A person who likes you will laugh and find your jokes hilarious even when they are not. Therefore, you can interpret that person's high-five gesture as flirtatious. Importantly, it would be best to be careful to differentiate genuine laughter from evil. Mostly, if you feel hurt at how he laughs around, that could be a good sign that you should stop him from probably taking the relationship to the next level. 

- Trust Your Gut

If you suspect the person is probably flirting with you, then it could be true. Notably, the gut feeling could be mutual; hence you may be right to conclude the high five, among other flirtatious gestures by that person, is because the person is interested in you. 

- How Does He Treat You? 

The person interested in you will treat you differently from how he treats others. The person will always strive to make you feel special. For instance, he will properly give you flowers; hence you should pay attention. 

Therefore, accurately establishing whether your friend is flirting with you when they give you a high five depends on the context, the nature of your relationship, and their body language when giving you the high five and interacting with you.

Common Uses of High Five 

Although some people consider a high five as a sign of being flirty, it's not necessarily always the case. There are many reasons to give high-fives, such as a show of approval or appreciation. Therefore, just because someone gives you a high five doesn't mean they are flirting.

The following are many uses of high five that make it popular in many cultures and settings.

  • Used to Start a Conversation With Someone.A high five is a great way to start conversations, even if your friend is not flirting with you.
  • To show appreciation. High fives are used when expressing gratitude towards others, especially when they have done something outstanding. 
  • A sign of celebration. A high five is a simple and easy way to celebrate somebody. It shows you are happy about their accomplishment. People use high five to express they are delighted about one's achievements, and they celebrate them. 
  • Used to show excitement. You can high-five each other if you're both super excited about something. The high five is used to show excitement about something or someone.
  • Used to show you are a friendly person. High five shows that you're a pleasant person to hang out with and willing to get along well. It shows you’re a nice person. Also, your friends can high-five you to show they are friendly.
  • You're showing admiration. The high five, one of the most significant gestures in our culture, is a powerful way to acknowledge someone, no matter who they are or their relationship with you. You can use high fives to show support and admiration towards someone who has done something incredible, like winning an award or performing well at work.
  • Greetings. High fives are used as greetings in certain situations. For example, if you're walking into an office building and see other employees waiting outside with their arms wide open, it's common courtesy to greet them with a high five. 

Some signs may indicate whether or not someone is trying to get your attention, but it's essential to remember that it's not always the case. For instance, if two people have been friends for years and one gives another an enthusiastic high five right after meeting them, there's no reason for this person to think of anything other than friendship. 

Likewise, if someone gives a friend a high five who they just met an enthusiastic handshake while giggling and talking loudly about how much fun they're going to have together later on tonight at dinner, well, that could be interpreted as flirting.


The most important takeaway from this post is that the best way to tell whether or not your friend or anyone is flirting with you is by observing other signs such as their body language when around you, how they treat you, and their choice of words they use when speaking to you. 

Lastly, although a high five could signify flirting, it’s still a usual gesture of celebrating someone, and you can use it to appreciate others or initiate friendly conversations. Therefore, you can still use it anytime and enjoy the warmth, friendship, and socializing without being flirtatious.