Lana Yacht – The 2021 Superyacht That Will Amaze You

FEB 02, 2022 AT 12:00 AM


Lana yacht is a masterpiece of shipbuilding made by Italian shipyard Benetti. The yacht is 107 meters or 351 feet long which makes it the 45th longest privately owned motor yacht in the world. The vessel was launched in 2019, but it became available for charters in 2020. This is a very unusual vessel that features the greatest entertainments and the most up-to-date technologies for the comfort of owners.

Benetti is well-known for being able to build a motor yacht that will be the star among any vessels of the kind. We can remember Luminosity, Lionheart, or Kingdom 5KR. They are the diamonds among private yachts, but they are not even close to Lana Yacht in terms of luxurious design, unbelievable technologies, and wonderful entertainment.


Today we’ll be talking about one of the most extraordinary private yachts in the world.

Main specs of Lana

The overall length of 107 meters allows the yacht to be one of the greatest vessels in the world. This huge superyacht has a beam of 15.2 meters. The yacht is prepared for sea and ocean travel, it has an active stabilizer that can work efficiently even when the vessel is anchored. This is called a zero-speed stabilizer and it ensures that even at night when your yacht is anchored near some shore, you won’t feel any swaying and will be able to have some rest before you start in the morning.

The yacht has Rolls-Royce diesel-electric engines. The hybrid propulsion ensures wonderful fuel efficiency and also helps the superyacht to be quite eco-friendly. Well, at least in comparison with other yachts of the same size. It’s quite unusual to see Rolls-Royce engines on the yacht. The majority of the superyachts use MTU diesel engines, but Lana is special.

The yacht can cruise at 16 knots which isn’t that fast. But even with a lower cruise speed, this yacht has many advantages over other superyachts. We first saw this vessel in 2020 and it’s one of the freshest superyachts on the charter market.

Interior and exterior design

When it comes to design, Lana Yacht is ready to compete with any mega yacht out there. The vessel is luxurious and it’s built to be the personal 7-star hotel based on water. There are 5 decks, each one devoted to special entertainments. Every inch of the yacht is constructed in accordance with the status of the vessel.

Benetti shipyard was in charge of design, the company didn’t pay for the yacht design to any other studios. Interestingly, Lana doesn’t look like it’s a huge luxurious vessel. The special shape of the yacht makes it look like quite a compact machine, but it all changes right when you have something near the yacht to compare sizes. The compact design is the main trend in today’s superyacht building.

Well, the exterior is classically white, with wonderful black glass. There are 5 decks, and each deck has an open terrace with different purposes. On the first level there is a tender garage with a couple of boats and also some smaller tenders to have fun at sea.

The yacht has a luxurious interior with extremely high ceilings, great spacious rooms. Experts say that the play of light is the most prominent thing in Lana’s interior design. But we also want to tell you about the high quality of every piece of furniture and wonderful combinations of different styles in one place.

What entertainments are there?

Lana yacht offers a vast variety of entertainments onboard. There are 8 guest cabins for 16 guests. 34 crew will care about your relaxation during a trip. The yacht offers quite a lot of places to have rest and relax. You will be able to watch films in a specially prepared cinema room. Open salons and terraces will be perfect for sunbathing. A large pool on the sun deck can warm up the water if needed. There is a winter garden that overlooks the sea, some balconies on different levels. The master suite is even more luxurious than in many other superyachts.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures of the interior because there haven’t been many people who would be ready to pay $2 million per week to charter the yacht. And those who were ready to pay weren’t very anxious about sharing pictures of their vacation on social media.

We know that Lana Yacht has quite a lot of wonderful tenders. For example, there is one Yamaha superjet, four sea bobs, two wakeboards, two pairs of water skis, 2 windsurfs, 7 selections of diving gears, the ultimate set of fishing equipment for ocean fishing, golf equipment with biodegradable balls. Among big tenders, there are two luxurious wooden boats, 14 meters and 9 meters long, and also one HT Rescue Tender.

What about the price?

Lana Yacht is certainly not the most expensive yacht out there, but it’s hard to call a cheap vessel. The owner, who is by the way still unknown, bought the yacht for approximately $200 million. And this is a huge pile of money.

There are a couple of companies who are ready to organize a charter on the yacht for anyone, but you will pay a couple of million per week. The final price depends much on the services you would like to have.

Lana is the masterpiece by Benetti, and this is the yacht that sets new standards in the superyacht building industry.