Look Inside Ace Yacht – Superyacht Interior You Will Love

FEB 07, 2022 AT 12:14 AM


Ace Yacht has been for sale for quite a long time, and we are ready to tell you more about the yacht. For those who haven’t seen our previous video about the yacht, please do – you’ll find out more details about the vessel. Today we’ll concentrate mainly on the Ace Yacht interior and functions for guests.

The yacht still belongs to Yuri Kosiuk, the Ukrainian oligarch who earns his money selling chicken meat. The yacht is estimated to cost now around 137 million US dollars. For now, the support vessel called ‘Garcon’ was sold separately, and now the future buyer can’t use these two vessels the way the owner used to do it at good times.

But if you have a closer look at the interior of the yacht, you will understand why it is so expensive and why it’s actually worth buying. Today we’ll have the deck tour at Ace Yacht.


Decks, rooms, and features

There are six decks on Ace Yacht and also the seventh level called Crows Nest with a cute couch and a small lounge zone for having some of the most stunning views while cruising in beautiful places.

But we’ll start our tour from the Tank Deck. The first thing you will see there is a crew lounge with two big TVs – this is the zone where the crew may chill out between shifts and during their free time. Then there is an engine room with two diesel MTU engines that ensure the yacht’s cruising speed at 17.8 knots. The engine room also hosts all engineering equipment needed for the trips, so this is the heart of the yacht.

There is also the laundry with 7 washing machines and 5 drying machines to keep everything clean and fresh and also crew office, the room with computer equipment, wine cellar that is used to store bottles with exquisite wine in certain conditions. There is a fridge for storing fruit and vegetables and also other products for the long journey.

Let’s move to the lower deck and find there the engine control room and workshop to see that the yacht can be even repaired when at sea. In the middle of the deck, there is a garage with main tenders of Ace Yacht like watercraft and two boats that can take you ashore anytime. Near the garage, there is Lazarette where you will find equipment for diving, and the Lazarette gives access to the swim platform. There is also a Spa zone with Hammam, sauna, and spa experience shower room. The jacuzzi and lounge zone will help the owner and guests relax here.

Then there is the main deck that offers a deck bar and lounge zone with a huge glass door to the gym. The beauty and massage salon will be a good idea after you have some rest and before you are going ashore. There are 4 cabins on the main deck each one having its own style. All cabins have en-suite bathrooms. There is a cinema room with insanely comfortable chairs and sofas and also a dining zone for the crew. From the lobby, you have access to the decks, and they are huge enough to jog there in the morning.

The upper deck is also quite interesting. Here you will see the big open lounge area and the dining room for the owner and guests. Then, there is a helipad on this deck which can turn into a Moroccan Tent if you don’t have a helicopter on it right now. Also, there is an open pool in this area. After enjoying your dinner in the dining room, you can go to the piano room and spend a wonderful time there. The last room here is called Saloon. This is kind of a lounge zone that is inside the yacht for chilling out when there is bad weather.

The bridge deck has the bridge, captain’s cabin, and office. But the coolest thing you will find here is the master suite with wonderful interior design and a huge glass door opening to a personal balcony. There is also a study in case the owner wants to work while on a cruise.

On the top deck, there is a tea room for chilling out and also a jacuzzi as well as a big open area with couches and chairs for guests.

So this is what the Ace Yacht looks like from inside. And this is probably the best yacht Lurssen ever made. It’s not that huge, but everything is planned wisely, so there is much space for everyone. Ace is a wonderful vessel that is capable of carrying 12 guests and 30 crew. It’s originally planned for 10 guests with double occupancy, but the owner may convert the massage room into one more stateroom to take two more people aboard.

Why is it hard to sell Ace Yacht?

If you are thinking about buying the yacht, please remember that Yuri Kosiuk bought it in 2012 from Lurssen reportedly paying 160 million US dollars. Now the yacht is listed for sale for $137 million and there is no big line of buyers. The problem is that such yachts are built to suit one owner’s needs. And if you pay over 100 million dollars for a vessel, you want it to be absolutely customized according to your wishes. So, it’s hard to find a person who is ready to get rid of millions and then spend more millions to refit the yacht.

Although, Ace Yacht is said to be in good condition and it can serve the future owner for years. We know for sure that Lurssen shipyard makes the job extremely well. And still, if you buy the vessel, it will be yours for a long time, and you are going to lose dozens of millions when you sell it to the next owner. That’s how the superyacht world works.