Here Are the Top 5 Reasons My Hookup Kissed Me on the Forehead - What Does This Mean?

FEB 01, 2023 AT 02:40 PM


The way your hookup touches, talks, and looks at you, communicates how he feels about you. Also, it communicates his intentions toward you. Usually, a forehead kiss from a guy can have various meanings. At the same time, it sometimes depends on where you are and the immediate context.

But mostly, the meanings are intertwined. The ordinary meanings of forehead kisses are attraction, care, and love. If a guy is giving you random forehead kisses, it means he genuinely loves you.

Therefore, forehead kisses are one of the common gestures in a relationship you shouldn't take for granted. In this post, we will focus on the various reasons a guy will kiss you on your forehead, even when it’s the first time. 


Usually, a kiss on your forehead can feel awkward, especially when it’s your first time and unexpected. But it doesn't have to feel that way when you are mutually attracted to each other. Many times, a kiss on the forehead is a way of communication, especially when he is shy to speak about his intentions directly. And you should be able to discern it. 

Why Does Your Hookup Kiss You on Your Forehead?

A forehead kiss means the sexiest thing in the world to most ladies, especially from a guy she is attracted to. But do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable when somebody plants a kiss on your forehead? Usually, forehead kisses are not only really impressive, but they are symbolic.

They signify love, affection, attraction, and closeness between two people. Also, they are a sign of intimacy between two people who care about each other deeply. They indicate that the parties want to be close to each other and share life in every way you can imagine. 

Importantly, it’s essential to reciprocate when your lover kisses you on the forehead. But, to respond appropriately to forehead kisses, it’s essential to understand their meaning of them. However, it can be challenging to reciprocate correctly when you don't know the reason or the meaning of the forehead, and you feel uncomfortable.

But we will give the 5 key reasons your hookup would kiss you on the forehead. The information will help you understand the meaning of the forehead kiss, and you can respond appropriately without embarrassing yourself. 

1) Forehead Kiss is Sexy and Romantic

Usually, a forehead kiss is not something you will tend to think about that much, but it’s pretty much the most intimate thing you can do with your guy in the presence of people you respect. It means that you have feelings for each other.

2) Forehead Kisses are the Perfect Way for the Guy to Express Love

Forehead kisses are intimate, mostly unexpected, and are a great way to express affection. The kisses show that the guy is not focused on taking advantage of you. He genuinely loves you and cares for you. It shows he can't sit still and watch you get hurt. He will always fight for you because he loves you deeply. 

3) Forehead Kisses are a Good Way of Showing Appreciation

If a guy requests to go on a first date with you, he may not expect you to give in to his request. But, if you agree to meet him, a forehead kiss can be an intimate gesture to show he appreciates you. He appreciates your time, and he looks forward to spending more time together. 

4) A Guy Will Kiss You on the Forehead to Make You Feel Special

Forehead kisses make the recipient feel special. When a guy kisses you on the forehead, it shows he is not quick to take you to bed and dump you. It shows you deserve respect. He puts your wishes and desires before his. He is willing to respect your likes and dislikes, and he won't mind taking the relationship to the next level when you are ready. 

5) He Likes Forehead Kisses

When a guy kisses you, you likely think of yourself first. How the kisses make you feel and what he means. But, sometimes, it’s more about the guy’s preference than you. For instance, if your new guy likes forehead kisses, then you will find he kisses you on the forehead more often. This means he likes it, and you should consider it one of his preferences.

What Should You Do When Your Hookup Kisses You On Your Forehead

People respond differently to forehead kisses based on how they make them feel. For instance, despite your hookup’s good intentions, a kiss may make you uncomfortable, especially when it’s the first time and unexpected. In other circumstances, forehead kisses can be a grand gesture to show affection and love, and you always love them.

Generally, it depends on whether you mutually feel attracted to each other and anticipate kissing. But, irrespective of how a forehead kiss makes you feel, always act composed, respectful, and calm when he kisses you, even if you don't like forehead kisses.

The following are some of the appropriate ways to respond:

  • Contain your feelings

Irrespective of your intense feelings of shock or excitement, you should contain your feelings and restrain yourself from acting crazy. It shows you are mature and respectful.

  • Politely talk about it

The forehead kisses are safe and are mainly intended to make you feel safe and cared for. Therefore, if he kisses your forehead, talk about how it made you feel. Let him know you like it. Also, if it’s not one of your preferred gestures of love, you can tell him what makes you comfortable. It can be a kiss on your hand or cheek. 

  • Appreciate him

A forehead kiss is an excellent way for a guy to express his feelings for you. It shows he loves you and will protect you from any harm. He wants to see and make you happy all the time. Therefore, appreciate him verbally or use another appreciative gesture. 

  • Calmly observe his actions around you

A forehead kiss has various meanings, and it’s easy to misunderstand one's intentions. Also, you might be tempted to ask him directly and likely embarrass yourself. However, you can observe him during your interactions with him and conclude whether he means good for you or he is driven by lust. If he does other things that show he genuinely loves you, then you can be sure he is not after taking you to bed. Instead, he wants a quality and preferably long-term relationship with you. 

  • Kiss him too

Sometimes, a guy will kiss your forehead because he likes it, and he will like it if you kiss him too. Notably, you don’t necessarily have to kiss him on his forehead. You can kiss him on his cheek instead as a gesture of approval. 

  • Smile

Smiling is one of the best ways to show your hookup that you are comfortable and appreciate his gesture. Also, it means you have mutual feelings for each other, and you are happy about it. 


Based on the above five reasons why your hookup kisses you on the forehead, it’s evident that forehead kisses are special and mostly mean that the guy loves you. Now you know why your hookup kissed you on the forehead, and you can be more confident in your relationship. You are convinced the forehead kiss is in no way a sign of him not being interested in you. Instead, it’s a sign that he is not only romantically attracted to you, but he genuinely loves, cares, and respects you. 

Lastly, not everyone likes forehead kisses. Also, some prefer forehead kisses when done away from other people and don't like them as a public display of affection. Others love it, whether done publicly or in private. Therefore, although your lover can kiss you on your forehead to express love and care for you, you should respectively and lovingly make it clear whether you like it or not. If it's the first time and you don't feel comfortable about it, you should show appreciation, if in front of people, and talk about it later privately.