My Husband Hugged Another Woman – Should I React?

NOV 22, 2022 AT 03:40 AM


Hugging is not only the way to show that you love or like a certain person. People hug when they say hello or goodbye, they hug when they want to support someone who is going through a hard period like the loss of a loved one or job problems, for example. So, the question is whether you should react if your husband hugged another woman or not.

Today, we’ll tell you what exactly you should do if your husband hugs another woman and why it’s important to react in a certain way to stop it if you don’t like the situation. We’ll not only talk about your husband and his behavior, but we’ll also talk about your feelings.


Let’s get started!

Your husband hugs another woman – why?

Before you start panicking, you should answer one simple question: Why did it happen?

If this woman is his mother or sister, it’s absolutely OK. In families, people show their love and support in different ways. And hugging or kissing cheeks is probably the most popular. So, if your husband hugs a woman who is his close relative, there is nothing to worry about.

If this woman is his colleague, friend, or just acquaintance, things may go differently. Again, you shouldn’t start worrying right away, you have to analyze the situation and see why your husband hugged this woman.

There are plenty of situations when it’s completely fine:

  • this woman just told your husband about her loss or mishap in her life and he wanted to support her;
  • this woman is a very close friend of your husband and they haven’t seen each other for a long time;
  • this woman is a friend of your husband and they always hug each other when they meet – this can be a sign of something bad, but in most cases, it’s OK;
  • this woman required help and support from someone, so your kind husband decided to hug her and show her she wasn’t alone.

In other cases, you should talk to your husband and ask him directly why this happened. It’s really important to be open in your relationship in the family and never hold it inside for a long time. Otherwise, a big disaster may happen if you keep holding your emotions inside and thinking about this mishap all the time.

Sooner or later, you will burst out and your family life may change forever. Of course, a talk with a good psychologist will relieve the tension much. But first, try talking with your husband!

Why is it important to talk after such a situation?

Your husband may have certain habits that you don’t like. And it’s OK, all people are different. For example, he may be used to hugging all his friends, male or female, when he meets them. But it may worry you much and you’ll be just burning inside every time this happens. Soon it will come out in form of a big argument.

Well, it’s important that every person in the family is pretty comfortable and relaxed. If not, this person starts building up tension inside, and then it becomes a big bomb that can explode at any moment.

If you don’t like that your husband hugs a woman, here’s what you should do right when you two can talk:

  • try to calm down because any emotional talk will only irritate your husband;
  • ask him why he hugged this woman and whether he hugs all women he meets;
  • tell him that you don’t like when he behaves like that;
  • listen to his explanation and try to understand him – maybe there is really nothing bad in the situation;
  • remain calm and make a conclusion – just ask your husband to consider your emotions.

In most cases, this will be just a short talk and you’ll tell each other a couple of words. Men don’t tend to support these kinds of conversations and always try to finish them as soon as possible. And it’s important to not push your husband to talk more and more about it. Just get your answers and turn to another topic.

If you see that he doesn’t make any conclusions and keeps hugging other women in your presence, your next talk should be more emotional. Men often don’t understand women’s emotions and they need some time to rearrange their behavior patterns.

Did it all happen in your presence?

When your husband hugs another woman in your presence, it usually doesn’t pose any threat to your relationship. It’s just about his habits and behavior patterns that formed long before you became a family.

But if your husband hugs another woman when you aren’t supposed to see that, this should be a warning sign. Men actually love hugging and they feel emotional contact with the person they hug. If a man likes a woman, he will try to get closer to her. And the safest way to do that is to hug.

So, it’s not always innocent. If you saw your husband hugging someone at the moment you shouldn’t have been there, this is a clear sign you need to talk to him. The best idea is to directly tell him what you think about it.

The man will certainly tell her it was just a friendly hug, but you should deliver your thought to him clearly and then stop your conversation. This will make him think twice the next time he will have a chance to hug some woman when you are not around.

Can it be a sign of him cheating on you?

Unfortunately, yes, this can be a sign that your man has another relationship. Men are less emotional than women and they will not hug a woman just because they feel like that. Women, on the contrary, are very emotional and they are nearly always the ones who initiate hugging. If your husband initiates hugging another woman, this can be a sign that subconsciously he is attracted to that woman and seeks closer contact with her.

But be careful! Never start any arguments right there and then because you can offend other people. The best solution is to take your husband aside and calmly tell him everything that is on your mind. Well, almost everything.

Even if things are bad, you should show your respect to your husband and not argue with him in the presence of his friends or colleagues.

Here are the warning signs to pay attention to when your husband hugs another woman:

  • he initiates this hugging;
  • he hugs one woman and doesn’t hug other women he knows;
  • his hands are over her waist when he hugs her;
  • her hands are over his shoulders when she hugs him;
  • your husband smiles when he hugs this woman.

If you see some or all of these signs, you should talk to your husband as soon as possible, but wait until you are alone and no one can hear you. You should still remain calm and never start shouting at your husband – just make everything clear and see how he reacts in the nearest future.

The biggest mistake you can make is to swallow the unpleasant emotion and start growing a monster inside. Once when he will hug someone again, you may just lose control over your emotions and this will be really weird for everyone including your husband.