New Yachts 2022 – These Superyachts Will Hit The Water Soon

FEB 14, 2022 AT 12:12 AM


The world of superyachts is waiting patiently until the most modern and technological yachts will hit the water in 2022. The year is going to be very rich for superyacht news, and we are going to reveal some of them even before these yachts complete the sea trials.

This year won’t break any important records, and there won’t still be any yacht longer than Azzam, but some surprises we will get for sure.

Nearly all well-known shipyards that specialize in custom-built superyachts are going to present their new vessels. Lurssen will show Luminance, Benetti will reveal more facts about FB283, Heesen will finally present Cosmos Yacht, and Damen shipyard will just amaze everyone with several projects. The world is taking over a 2-year crisis and rich people start ordering big toys again. Let’s see what kinds of vessels we’ll be able to spot very soon.


Lurssen – Project Luminance

The yacht is going to be 140 plus meters long, and it’s now under construction at Lurssen shipyard. We believe the original deadline that was the end of 2021 will be moved to 2022. The yacht is going to enter the top 12 longest motor yachts in the world, and it will be the newest motor yacht among them.

Lurssen is one of the best-known shipyards that earns money by building unbelievable custom yachts. Project Luminance will be one of the most incredible among all yachts we’ll be able to see within the next two or three years. We can’t still show you the final design of the yacht, but we are pretty sure it will combine the classical style of the rich superyacht with the most unpredictable features that will make the yacht special.

Fincantieri - Atom Yacht

The Italian shipyard isn’t yet that popular, and Atom yacht is actually the first vessel of the company that will enter the rating of the longest motor yachts. But Italian design and classic technologies are pretty strong factors that make us love this yacht at first glance.

The length of Atom Yacht is 135 meters. This yacht has a diesel propulsion system and can cruise reportedly at 16 to 18 knots with extremely high fuel efficiency. There are 7 cabins for 14 guests, and 49 crew are needed to keep it going. The superyacht has a special design with a lot of indoor space and also balconies. Unfortunately, spotters still haven’t got much footage on the yacht, although it is now on sea trials.

Feadship – Project 1010

This yacht is going to be the innovative vessel that will change the way we see mega yachts. It’s a 118-meter-long yacht that is designed in such a way that it seems to be a compact vessel. Until you compare it with any other object on a picture.

Feadship 1010 isn’t revealed yet in terms of technology. But what we know is that this shipyard builds exclusive vessels that are ahead of their time for years. We hope to see this vessel in 2022 and we are going to make a full review of it as soon as it’s available for spotting.

Dorries Yachts – Project Infinity

A 106-meter-long new superyacht by Dorries Yachts is going to surprise us in 2022. This will be one of the most beautiful yachts out there. The design is wonderful and the yacht is well-planned. This shipyard is known for building much smaller vessels, but they always deliver luxury yachts with custom interiors.

It’s a very ambitious project by the German shipyard, and we hope it will be successful. Finally, we’ll have a decent competitor for Lurssen and some other companies that traditionally build the best superyachts in the world.

Heesen – Project Cosmos

All Heesen yachts were up to 50 meters long. But in 2022 we’ll see a revolutionary custom-built superyacht called Project Cosmos. Yes, the yacht will change the name before delivery, but now it’s not that important.

It’s an 80-meter-long yacht that is equipped with the most modern engines and propulsion systems. This will allow the yacht to speed up to 28 knots and to become one of the fastest superyachts at sea. Winch Design and Heesen cooperated to create something really special and unique, and we are looking forward to seeing it on trials.

Damen – Project YS 7512

A 75-meter-long yacht by Damen seems to be less interesting than the first yachts on our list. But you have to see the design first. This yacht is different from every other superyacht you could see around. The vessel features a unique exterior design, the unusual shape of the hull, very high bow part. We are pretty sure that the interior is exquisite, too.

Project YS 7512 has only 2 cabins, and it’s the explorer yacht. You won’t find many luxurious entertainments here, but you will find a helipad and a lot of tenders that will probably be used for diving and exploring the seas.

There are going to be more wonderful yachts, but these 6 vessels will be the longest and the most expensive as well as the most luxurious ones in 2022.