Photos Showing How Mother Nature Reacts When We Don’t Respect Her

MAY 23, 2020 AT 01:58 AM


Most people probably don’t know that a koala’s fingerprints are so similar to a human’s that only a fingerprint specialist can tell them apart. This is one example of how similar animals and people can be. However, animals are more vulnerable when we destroy their habitats or place them in captivity.

At Buhamster, we’ve gathered some photos showing how Mother Nature reacts when we don’t treat her with respect.



Homeless squirrel


“I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad.”

This sad squirrel is wondering where his home went. The homeowner feels so guilty he’s probably considering planting another tree.


Defending his home

Defending home

Orangutan fighting for home


This heartbreaking image shows an orangutan desperately trying to save his home. These creatures are so territorial they’re in danger of dying when displaced. Unfortunately, this is a battle orangutans aren’t equipped to win.


Missing its native home

Parrot misses home


It’s hard not to feel sad seeing this photo of an Amazon parrot stuck in a fake jungle habitat. Its expression and posture say it all.


Cold and lonely

Stray dog on street

Unknown / Reddit  

It’s difficult to look at this disturbing picture of a stray dog in Bucharest huddling in the street after a blizzard. Thousands of abandoned and stray dogs need homes and we can do a lot to help them.


Victims of pollution

Otters suffer from oil


These otters are the victims of oil pollution in the water. Unfortunately, this is their native habitat so they can’t live anywhere else and many are at risk of dying.


Trying to find food

Bears finding food


Because of rising CO2 emissions and global warming, polar bears have been forced to eat garbage to survive. Their survival is threatened as the ice floes they use to hunt have melted.


Threatened by oil

Egret suffers from oil

US Coast Guard  

This photo taken by the Coast Guard shows the disturbing image of an egret’s whose feet, legs, and tail feathers are coated in oil. Birds of one of many victims of oil spills in the ocean.


Missing their native habitat

Giraffes missing home

lorain3 / Reddit  

It’s upsetting to see this giraffe reach for a fake tree painted on a wall. Giraffes don’t do well in captivity as they require space to move around.


Stress can kill

Bear in city stress

Marie-Lan Nguyen/wikimedia  

Gus the polar bear, (1985–2013), was once the star attraction at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Over 20 million people visited his exhibit during his lifetime. In the 90s, he gained unfortunate fame when he began swimming obsessively in his pool for up to 12 hours a day. Labeled “neurotic,” “depressed,” and “bipolar,” by reporters, Gus became a sad “symbol of the stress of living in New York City”.


Surviving hardship

Turtle tangled in plastic


This is the tragic result of turtles getting tangled up in discarded plastic soda can rings. This turtle got stuck in this plastic when it was small and grew a deformed shell. Now vets are trying to help the turtle live a normal life.


Lost home

Koala lost home


This is the ugly legacy of deforestation. This sad koala sits among the devastated remains of its home stripped clean by Australian loggers. They destroyed not only its home but the entire landscape.


Humanity’s negative impact on nature

Animal with bottle


Man’s impact on nature is evident throughout the world, even in a supposed sanctuary like Kruger National Park. The world must start to change its negative impact on the Eco-system.


Another lost home

Barn owl lost home


This sad photo shows a barn owl perched on the remains of its home due to deforestation. Billions of animals lose their homes each year because of the demand for more resources.


No home to go to

Wallaby lost home


A solitary kangaroo surveys the remains of its home after the massive bushfires in Australia. Even if the fires weren’t directly caused by humans, these disasters wouldn’t be as devastating if we didn’t contribute so much to climate change.


A trash pile is the only home for this bird

Bird in trash pile

Kim Starr/wikimedia  

Global pollution has forced this Laysan albatross to live in a pile of trash. How can humanity justify these conditions for any creature simply because they can’t deal with plastic pollution?