She Texted Me after the First Date - What Does It Mean and How to React?

DEC 30, 2022 AT 07:30 AM


When it comes to first dates, men usually have no clue about all those signs girls show intentionally and unintentionally. Overall, men are less likely to react to signs, non-verbal signals, intentional hints, etc. just because they don’t care about that and are usually much less emotional than women.

But here we have it: she texted you after the first date. Is it a sign that she’s going to be a very annoying girlfriend? Or does it mean that she liked you so much she couldn’t resist texting you? Or does she want to capture you and doesn’t let you make the next step? A lot of questions which are hard to answer. But let’s try to learn more, step by step.


Why don’t girls usually text guys after the first date?

You know, for men, the first date is not a big deal. They can go on dates, talk to girls and then show no reaction. But for girls, in most cases, the first date is super important. And everything that happens after this date is even more important. We can say that a girl can be really hurt and even get real depression if something goes wrong after the date.

So, here’s what a girl usually expects from you after you’ve been on the first date:

  1. Right after the date, you need to make sure you have her phone number to contact her after that.
  2. Within a couple of hours after the date or maximum within one day, you should react somehow – send her an innocent message to say it was good and you’d like to go on another date some time.
  3. Within one or two days after the first date, the girl will be waiting for you to arrange the next date – it’s super important for her that you do this.
  4. If you don’t do anything, she’ll at first text you and then call. If you don’t answer or decline her call, you may forget about this woman – you’ve just offended her to the deepest of her soul.

Girls need to know what you thought about them on the first date. If you never react, they will be too nervous about that. Some women say that can’t sleep after their first date and keep rethinking all those situations when they could act weirdly or wrongly on the date. If the guy texts them something like “You were beautiful” or “It was nice, let’s go to the cinema on Saturday?”, they are much comforted by this.

But if they don’t get any message or call from you, they are going to text you by themselves after about a day. All this time they will be quite nervous. Even if the girl doesn’t show she is nervous about the date, she is. And it’s really important for her what you think about her. Even if she didn’t like you much, she is waiting for your reaction.

What can you reply to a girl if she texts you after the first date?

Well, you’ve just got a message from a girl who you dated yesterday. Bad of you because you should’ve texted her yesterday evening. Now, you need to sort out the situation somehow and this article is going to help you.

So, you basically have three options after you get this message. The message will usually say something like “Heyyy… How are you?” or “Hi, what are you doing?”

And here are the options for you to answer:

  1. Say sorry for not calling her earlier – never make any excuses, just say sorry. And then invite her to go to a café or a cinema or just to walk in a park depending on what time of year it is now. Something like: “Hey! Was just thinking about you. Sorry for not calling you earlier. How about a walk in a park today?”
  2. If you haven’t made up your mind yet and you hesitate about whether you want the next date with her or not, don’t be rude. Say sorry for not calling and say you will call her later because you are busy or don’t know your schedule at work. Something like: “Hi! Sorry I didn’t call you. I’m just waiting for my new work schedule. How are you?”
  3. If you don’t want to meet this girl again, never tell her that you will call later or something like that. But don’t be too direct with telling her what was wrong with the date. Say something like: “Sorry for not calling you back earlier. I think you are a wonderful girl, but I’m just not ready for the new relationship. Hope you understand.”

Of course, it’s not the greatest strategy to just ignore the girl after you’ve been on the date and wait until she writes something to you. If you do that, chances are she’ll be really offended. Never offend girls because they don’t forget that. And who knows where else you can meet – she may be the head of the HR commission in your dream job or your tax inspector, for example. Be careful with that!

What to text a girl right after the date?

Well, the best thing you can do after the date, once you’ve got home, is to text the girl in a messenger. Never say thank you or something like that. Girls will see you as a weak and inexperienced guy if you start saying thanks after dates.

A little bit of humor and a little bit of flirting will be the perfect mixture in your text message after the first date.

Here are some examples you can follow:

  • “It was a really nice evening, you looked stunning! Hope we’ll meet soon”
  • “You were amazing today. Looking forward to our next date!”
  • “You are so beautiful! I can’t help but ask you out once more. Let’s go to the new Avatar on Wednesday?”
  • “This was the best first date I’ve ever had. Hope you love French cuisine. Let’s have dinner at my favorite restaurant tomorrow?”

When you text the girl something like this, she will melt. Even if she didn’t actually want to keep building this relationship, she will most likely agree to one more date.

But given you didn’t text her after the date, you don’t want to keep seeing her, right? In this case, your strategy should be a little different.

What to text a girl after the date if you didn’t like her?

You still shouldn’t wait till she calls you or texts you. This is pretty rude on your side and this drives girls crazy, so you may be in trouble after such behavior.

The best thing to do is to end the first date with a soft explanation of why you won’t have any other date with her. You may say that she’s nice but you just don’t want any new relationship now, or you may say she’s a good girl but not the one you want to be with.

If you didn’t explain everything on the date, you should then do the following:

  • Never text the girl directly after the date to say it’s over. Wait for at least a couple of hours.
  • Make sure you still text her in the evening or early in the morning to not make her nervous.
  • Explain in your message that she is a good and beautiful girl but just not the one you would love to be with right now.
  • Say that you will be glad to hang out sometimes if she would love to (she wouldn’t but this always sounds like you still like her company).

Final words

Now you know that not texting a girl after the first date is a big mistake. And if you want to text her, just do everything right. You need to remember that she is a vulnerable person who may be hurt by your words. And you need to build up the correct strategy to not offend anyone or to keep dating that girl if you want.