Squirrel rescued from hurricane Isaac sleeps with teddy bear and people are obsessed with the cuteness

APR 01, 2020 AT 12:55 PM


Meet Jill – a 7-year-old rescue squirrel. This cutie was rescued from Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana back in August 2012 after a hurricane ravaged the area. Jill the Squirrel has her own Instagram account named “This Girl Is A Squirrel” and she has more than 730k followers. Her profile says that she’s a “vegetarian and a parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. That being said, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.” Not only that, but she also has her own miniature teddy bear which she insists on holding whenever bedtime rolls around.

Even more interesting, Jill is potty-trained, loves fashion and posing for the camera. So, if you want regular updates from Jill and her fascinating life, make sure to follow her page to see all her interesting adventures.

Meet Jill, the squirrel

Squirrel Jill - Instagram star


Back in 2012, during Hurricane Isaac, the squirrel reportedly had fallen out of her nest during the typhoon, so Jill’s owners took her on temporarily. However, she ended up staying and she seems quite happy.


Jill: The Internet’s cutest celebrity since 2015

Beautiful homemade squirrel


Jill seems loved by her family, judging by her lavish lifestyle. They celebrate her birthday, she frequently gets to enjoy delicious snacks, and she sometimes even gets to wear cute little outfits!

Squirrel & world-renowned fashionista

Squirrel in a hat and scarf


Jill also enjoys traveling and beaches. “Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her — before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives,” her owner says.

Teddy Bear cuddles by a……squirrel? 

Squirrel with a soft toy

Squirrel sleeping with a soft toy


Jill's owner says that the two-year-old squirrel has a cage but is usually running and jumping around the house, unbarred. She is also apparently trained to use a garbage can as her bathroom.

Bedtime=Teddy Bear Time

Cute squirrel with a soft toy

Sweet squirrel sleeping


This lovely squirrel can’t sleep without her teddy bear toy. If she doesn’t have it around, she can’t fall asleep and continues screaming in order to get her “sleeping” toy back.

One of Jill’s favorite activities is napping

Pet squirrel jill


Jill likes to have long, calm naps all day long. Every single time the toy teddy bear has to be around. Jill’s owners now understand that if she starts cuddling with the toy, it’s time to go to sleep. So, they allow the squirrel to choose the perfect place for a cozy nap.

When Jills not playing or napping, she’s taking care of her blog:  “This Girl Is A Squirrel.”

Squirrel - Instagram star


This wonderful fluffy girl is the owner of a special Instagram account and she is quite a successful blogger, if we can say so ourselves. She’s now at over 730K followers who comment and like her new pictures.  We can just see everyone, in our mind’s eye saying: “aww” when a new photo appears.

Jill’s Instagram is updated regularly

Beautiful Tame Squirrel


At first, the blog was something of a joke for Jill’s owners. Now, however, it’s a huge amount of daily work. Jill has hundreds of clothing items and each of them can make you smile!

Jill love, love, loves the attention

Squirrel is a pet


The popularity of a little squirrel continues to go up and followers keep adding to the account. Owners say that Jill feels as if she’s becoming the most recognizable squirrel of all time and she’s started acting like a celebrity.

Has Jill convinced you to follow her, too?

Squirrel getting ready for bed


There is a good chance Jill is going to be the first squirrel on Instagram to have 1 million followers.  We followed Jill’s “This Girl is a Squirrel” and look forward to every new picture!