Ten tips for packing for trips

NOV 24, 2017 AT 07:52 AM


Wash clothes while on the road


If you are staying in rentals or hotels, one of the best things of staying there is the laundry facilities. Take advantage of this opportunity and wash a handful of outfits, especially if you are going on long trips.

If you sleep at a hotel, find out if they have laundry services, as well how much they cost. If you are going to travel in cruise ships for instance, you can just wash your clothes in the sink and hang them out to dry – this is because they tend to bill you high fees for laundry services. Make sure to carry a travel size packet of detergent and a sink stopper. A useful hack is buying portable hanging lines from travel-supply shops, which attach to showers through suction cups.

One of the worst things that can happen to you if you are travelling is to discover that you forgot an essential item, leaving you scrambling to discover the nearest store in your destination. The other side – you pack too much in your bag(s), and you become burdened with heavy bags to tow, in addition to looking disorganized and, if you are travelling by plane, paying an arm and a leg for airline baggage fees.