Ten tips for packing for trips

NOV 24, 2017 AT 07:52 AM




This encompasses two things – pack in layers and wear layers. Your wardrobe for on the road should contain plenty of layers, which will assist you to be comfortable and stylish through many changes in climate. Second, the clothes should be neatly layered for easy identification. The TSA recommends to arrange your items in layers so that when security agents scrutinize your bag, they get a clear idea of the items you are carrying. This is a major win – the faster you get through security checks, the faster you move.

Another hack you can use is to pack the heaviest items close to the wheels of your suitcase or bag. This can be especially helpful when dealing with rolling luggage, when you have to consider the number of your items that can respond easily to movement. Keeping the heavy items close to the wheels ensures that there is even spreading of weight through your suitcase.

One of the worst things that can happen to you if you are travelling is to discover that you forgot an essential item, leaving you scrambling to discover the nearest store in your destination. The other side – you pack too much in your bag(s), and you become burdened with heavy bags to tow, in addition to looking disorganized and, if you are travelling by plane, paying an arm and a leg for airline baggage fees.