The Norwegian forest cat – from birth to old age

APR 06, 2021 AT 04:47 AM


The Norwegian forest cat is a kind of Viking of the cat world: the conqueror of your heart, the barbarian in your house, and the ruthless killer of rodents. A lot of people who love pets just can’t imagine their life without this furry friend.

Today we’ll tell you about the life of the Norwegian forest cat from birth to old age.

The kittens of this breed are slightly bigger than kittens of other breeds, but that doesn’t make them any less cute, for sure. When the kittens are a few weeks old, they start looking like they have just had a wild party and hate the world. But they are still kind and playful. For now.

However, as soon as the kittens enter adolescence, your affection for them might come to an end. They are still cute creatures that cause an involuntary smile, but your furniture, wallpaper, and clothes will begin to suffer. The Norwegian cat is not a house cat; it’s a forest one!



It takes quite a long time for the breed to achieve maturity. The maturing period finishes between four and five years of age, when you will have a fully independent furry creature in your house, and you may find you are clearly irritating him with your presence. If you own one of these cats, you’ll surely have the strong impression that you live in his house and not the other way round.

When the cat turns 10 years old, it becomes a huge, lazy ball of fur. This fur will also become your most frequent food seasoning as these cats shed profusely. After the Norwegian forest cat turns 10, it starts its long period of carefree old age, spending its time lying on its favorite windowsill and avoiding all household chores.

The average lifespan of this cat breed is 14 to 16 years. The majority of cats enjoy good health. You should keep an eye on their kidneys, ears, and eyes in order to prolong their life, ensuring many wonderful years with your friend. There are instances of these cats living up to 22 years of age, with no health problems along the way.


Before buying a Norwegian forest cat kitten, you need to make sure that you are happy with the new rules in your life:

First: The cat will be the boss; no compromises are possible.

Second: You will have to spend quite a lot of money on cat food. The human food is for you; the cat will need expensive, premium-quality cat food in huge amounts.

Third: The fur is not only going to be seasoning your food but also adorning your clothes. Everyone will know that you have a cat Viking in your house.

Fourth: Forget having any other cats – or dogs – for at least 20 years.

Fifth: Your kids are great fun to play with, but don’t think you’ll be doing the same with your cat. He will just be warming his paws in his favorite place while you occupy yourself with the kids.