These 5 Benetti Yachts Are Better Than Any Superyacht In The World

DEC 22, 2021 AT 10:08 PM


Benetti is a shipbuilding company based in Livorno and Fano, in Italy. The company is well-known as the producer of the world’s best yachts and boats for private owners. Its luxurious vessels are now floating all over the world, crossing the seas and oceans and giving their owners exquisite comfort. The luxury in every detail is very important for Benetti, so the clients of the company are the richest people on this planet.


Today we’ll tell you about 5 of the best and biggest yachts built by Benetti shipyard in Italy. The company is one of the world’s leaders in building custom superyachts. And it’s the producer of 5 out of 100 world’s longest and biggest private yachts. These are exactly the 5 vessels that we will talk about today. Make sure you limit the maximum withdrawals from your credit card, as some of these yachts are now for sale, and it will be extremely hard to keep the cold mind and not buy them after all!

Kingdom 5KR

This yacht was originally named Nabila and it was built for a Saudi billionaire and then sold multiple times to return to Saudi Arabia again. The vessel is 281 feet or 86 meters long. The yacht was built in 1980 and that’s probably one of the oldest superyachts built by Benetti shipyard. And still, even today it looks modern and unique. The yacht is mainly known for being filmed in one of James Bond movies and being a villain’s water headquarters.

Three years starting from 1988 the yacht belonged to Donald Trump who completed the full refit before selling it. The boat has five decks, a disco, a cinema with 12 seats, 11 suites for guests. There is a helipad on the top and even a swimming pool with a water jet. It needs a crew of 48. The yacht shows 20 knots of maximum speed.
Benetti used two NOHAB Polar engines, each showing 3000 horsepower. The yacht isn’t that big, but still, it’s placed 99th in the list of the longest motor yachts in the world now. It’s a really great boat with a luxurious interior and many entertainment features. And we assume that it’s in very good condition now. So if you happen to see the ads showing that this yacht is for sale, don’t lose your chance!


Moving up the list of the longest motor yachts, you’ll see that Benetti produced one more of the list, placed 71st. It’s Lionheart, the 92-meter yacht that is currently owned by Philip Green, the British businessman. The yacht was produced in 2016, so it’s really new and fresh, it has a wonderful custom design.

There isn’t so much information about Lionheart, but we’ll try and do our best to get it for you. Benetti used a special type of zero-speed stabilizer. They work even when the yacht is anchored assuring that the boat is stable in rough waters. It creates comfort and improves the overall experience of traveling.

The boat can cruise at 15 knots which isn’t that fast, but the shipbuilder made sure that the yacht is quite eco-friendly.

There is an elevator connecting all decks of the yacht. It has a pool, pool bar, a helipad on top. There is a tender garage but we don’t know the list of tenders included. Also, it has a barbeque zone, gym, and spa onboard.
The yacht can easily be used in oceans thanks to its big size. Its power is enough to travel all around the world. Philip Green doesn’t offer the yacht for charters and that’s actually why we don’t know much about it. The vessel is fully private and only a close circle of people can board it and have access to all amenities.


This wonderful yacht is one of the freshest in the collection of Benetti. The vessel will soon be ready for charters and we’ll get much more videos and pictures of it. For now, we only know that Lana is 107 meters or 351 feet long. The yacht was delivered to the owner in 2020 but it hasn’t been spotted yet in popular locations. The vessel has 8 spacious cabins and can accommodate up to 12 guests. It’s the 45th longest yacht in the world.

The vessel is extremely luxurious. Interior is created with the most expensive materials. It’s designed to amaze you in every single room. Every suite has a huge private bathroom, it all looks like the private mansion on the water. Outdoor areas are also huge, so all the 12 guests can find enough space for them to rest.

Among tenders, there are two personal watercraft units and one boat able to take you ashore quickly if needed. But the most incredible thing is the yacht’s design. It’s built with a passion so we can say that it looks modern, beautiful and unusual. It doesn’t seem to be as huge as 107 meters thanks to a special design.

They used the most exquisite materials for the interior, so you may forget easily that you are aboard a huge yacht. When the stabilizers work and the boat stands still even in a rough sea, you get the feeling that you are home.

We now know that the yacht is available for charter and it will cost you a little over $2 000 000 to have the boat for a week. One of the perks is that you may be the first person to charter the vessel.


This wonderful yacht is the longest vessel ever built by Benetti. It’s 108 meters long which is 1 meter longer than Lana. The yacht was delivered to the new owner – Australian billionaire, James Packer, in 2019. The superyacht was designed and constructed according to his needs, so it’s a custom yacht that will be one of the most expensive vessels in the world among the boats delivered recently. The estimated price is $200 million, but the actual price may be much higher – you just need to see the interior of the boat to understand why.

The design is created in England by RWD and it hides the huge tonnage of the vessel. Looking at it in the pictures or even in real life you will never say that this is a huge superyacht that is longer than 350 feet.
Two powerful MTU engines push the yacht to 16 knots of cruising speed. The ship has 365 000 liters of fuel tanks that allow the owner to travel over 6500 miles. This is a hybrid yacht, so it can travel using purely electric propulsion.

IJE has 11 cabins and can accommodate 22 guests. The comfort of traveling on this yacht is hard to describe. But it’s sad to say, you won’t have a chance to experience it unless you are a good friend of James Packer. At least, in the next few years until he decides to sell the boat.


If you watch our videos, then you know everything about Luminosity, because we’ve made a description video with this yacht. This is the second biggest custom yacht built by Benetti and the 43rd biggest yacht in the world. Luminosity has one huge advantage over all other yachts on our list – it is now for sale, and you’ll need just 250 to 300 million dollars to buy one.

This is a hybrid yacht that uses a unique pattern of diesel and electric engines to ensure the highest fuel economy. Again, Benetti didn’t even try to make the fastest yacht in the world. They just ensured that the vessel is really good in terms of economy and comfort.

There is 150 square meter owner’s stateroom as well as 12 staterooms for guests. It has a luxurious interior. A huge beach club with Hammam and pool bar, massage room, pool, and other facilities. The helipad is commercial, so it can host quite big helicopters.

The buyer will also get a 2-year warranty as well as lifetime perks for refits and renovations by Benetti.