These Tall Women Are All Over 6 Feet, And They Look Amazing!

MAR 03, 2022 AT 03:45 AM


You probably know that we are fond of tall women, and we used to tell you a lot about them in our previous videos. Today we’ll tell you about the tall girls that we find the most attractive. Each of these ladies had problems because of their height. Each of them had to cope with psychological issues and had to accept themselves.

But finally, they are the iconic tall women of this world and some of them are even famous all over the world.


Elisany Da Cruz Silva – A Tall Brazilian Model

This girl became famous a dozen years ago when Brazilian media made the first TV program about her. After that, all the world was waiting for the news from Brazil to see if Elisany and her boyfriend Francinaldo are doing well. And they are married now!

The reason for so much attention was their height difference. Elisany is 6 feet 9 inches tall, but the height of her husband is only 5 feet 4 inches. The difference of 1 foot and 4 inches or 41 centimeters seems to be just unbelievable, but the couple says it’s absolutely normal for them.

Elisany gave birth to her first child a couple of years ago, although doctors had told her that it was impossible due to her health issues. Now Elisany and Francinaldo live a happy life in Brazil. They are often invited for photoshoots.

Da Cruz Silva looks really good. You can say she is extremely tall only when there is someone else around to compare. She is a popular Tik Tol blogger with well over 1 million followers. Though, the family isn’t open much for media and the public, so we don’t know details on how they live.

Maci Currin – Texan Teenager With Amazing Legs

Maci lives in Texas and she became famous in the US for breaking the world record of longest legs. Maci’s legs are 53 inches each, and that’s a lot. They are the size of a 12-year-old child! Maci Currin is 6 feet 10 inches tall, and she is 3 inches taller than the average basketball player in NBA, and 10 inches taller than the average basketball player in WNBA.

Maci has a mission to inspire all tall people in the world to embrace their height, to accept who they are, and to understand they are beautiful. She has always been much taller than her friends, and sometimes she got bullied in school by other kids. That’s why Maci knows for sure what’s it like to stand out of social standards.

The girl says it’s hard for her to find proper clothes, to fit into some doorways, and to sit in the car. But she agrees that her long legs and height help her on the volleyball court.

Holly Burt – Amazing Height

This girl is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and she is the previous holder of the record for having the longest legs in the US. This woman is amazing. She never refuses from taking a picture with those people around her who are amazed just like we are right now.

Holly is a social media influencer. She is now happily married and she posts quite a lot of pictures showing her personal life, holidays, and free-time activities on her Instagram account. This girl has taken part in some TV programs in the US and she is often invited to photoshoots for different marketing campaigns.

Holly Burt admits that her height has always been the reason for bullying, and it still attracts too much attention when she just walks on the street. But she accepted the height and unconventional beauty she has. Also, Holly says she has always dominated in sports thanks to her height.

Ekaterina Lisina – World’s Tallest Model

This Russian girl is a former basketball player who is now famous all over the world for her wonderful beauty. She is 6 feet 9 inches tall, and her height helped her much in the professional sport. She was extremely successful, and she even won a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics with the Russian national basketball team. But after she retired from basketball, Ekaterina understood that she could turn her height into a special advantage in the profession.

She became a model and since then she has traveled all over the world to show her beauty in photoshoots, TV programs, and on social media. She has her own agency with tall girls and they sign great contracts with companies in different countries.

Ekaterina Lisina currently holds a Guinness World Record – she is officially the tallest professional model. This woman is very confident now, but she says it took her much effort to get her confidence and to embrace her height.

Bernadett Határ – WNBA Tallest Player

Bernadett Határ is a Hungarian basketball player who recently joined WNBA by signing the contract with Indiana Fever in 2021. This girl is 6 feet 10 inches tall and she is the tallest lady in American basketball right now.

Usually, tall women basketball players are very helpful for blocking opponents’ shots. But Bernadett has more than that. She is extremely fast on the court and she can move around the court for seconds to be right at the point where she needs to be to score.

She became a unique talent for Indiana Fever improving the results of the team starting from the first game she was on the court.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on Bernadett Határ, but we believe we can get some more in the nearest future, so stay with us and subscribe to our channel.