TOP 20 magnificent eyes from around world

FEB 02, 2018 AT 03:46 AM


1. Absolutely stunning natural eyes of this Indian girl creates a wonderful feeling of a spring sky. The depth of color might lead you to think they are not real.

Girl with beautiful eyes

2. A young Indian girl shows her gorgeous eyes. For these beautiful eyes, she’s been thought to be a witch in a native village.

Girl with bright eyes

3. This famous war-time picture shows a beautiful woman with frightened eyes the color you won’t be able to describe. It leaves your skin shivering if you know the background.

Girl with unusual eyes.

4. You are likely to see the whole world in the wise eyes of this fellow. The picture has an unknown background and it still appeals to your soul.

Boy with beautiful eyes

5. You’d probably say that these are the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. It looks wonderful with the sincere smile of an African boy.

Boy with bright eyes

6. It looks like the eyes of this guy are lit from behind. The light blue ocean color adds mystery to the image of a young fellow.

Boy with deep eyes

7. We couldn’t miss Asian children with their absolutely impossible eyes. These are 100% natural eyes, and such color is rarely met in the entire planet.

Unusual eye color

8. Looking at celebrities, we usually think of contact lenses. But Bradley Cooper insists that his eye color is completely natural. They seem so deep you can’t resist looking at him.

Deep eye color

9. Angelina Jolie also has wonderful eyes with deep and natural color. It takes a while to enjoy the impossible view of this beautiful face.

Jolie's beautiful eyes

10. You probably heard that eyes are the mirror to the soul. In this picture you see it alive. These siblings are so sad because of the war and all the dangers around.

Beautiful eyes inherited

11. These two sisters are famous for their unbelievable eyes. They are absolutely real; the blue color becomes even more amazing when the sky is cloudless.

Sisters with beautiful eyes.

12. Jared Leto is famous for his impossible eyes. It’s not only about the deep color, but also about the unique shape and size of the eyes that you can clearly see in the photo.

Beautiful eyes of Jared Leto

13. Another pair of eyes that you’d probably call the bluest eyes ever. They seem to be unreal, but they are real!

Very bright eyes

14. These eyes look a little bit different. They really change when you look at them from a certain angle. At the same time, they look so sincere and innocent!

Beautiful bright eyes

15. These are probably the most beautiful siblings with the most beautiful eyes. Look at the shape and size, color and depth which you could look at for ages.

Same sisters eyes

16. These eyes are a very rare color and shape, but it’s completely real and it can take your breath away. Also, you strangely start to feel what this girl is feeling.

Unusual green eyes

17. Mila Kunis has probably the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. What’s more interesting, her eyes look absolutely different under various conditions.

Beautiful Kunis eyes

18. This kid has wonderful big eyes which adore others with their depth and heavenly gaze. It is difficult to believe that such eyes are really natural, but they are!

Girl with a beautiful expression

19. This man’s eyes are a mystery. Such deviation is possible once in a billion of people. Here you can see the wonderful image created by different eye color.

Eyes of different colors

20. These two siblings seem to be from different planets. Do you agree that blue eyes look friendlier than the dark ones?