TOP 22 hilarious inventions that are easy to find

FEB 02, 2018 AT 04:15 AM


1. Hairy stockings

Hairy stockings

These wonderful stockings create the look of not having shaved your legs for ages. What’s it for? It works perfectly to protect you against perverts!


2. Baby floor mop

Baby floor mop

Are you crazy about always having dirty floors? Just purchase a special costume for your child and enjoy constantly clean rooms.


3. Coffee-and-ironing kit

Coffee-and-ironing kit

No time to drink your morning coffee? Do it while ironing your shirt. The coffee-mug will help you satisfy both needs at once.


4. Bra full of wine

Bra full of wine

Nearly 1 bottle of wine can be placed in this bra. Take it to the cinema and enjoy movies more – have a secret sip and make your breasts look bigger at the same time.


5. Duck-like doggy accessory

Duck-like doggy accessory

Want to make your dog quiet? You shouldn’t use your power – it won’t be good for animal. But a new duck-like Quack is a great idea!


6. Bicycle-sling


Be hanged by your new bicycle-sling and have full control over the transport. Less effort than walking and more pleasure than a bike – at least, the producer says so.


7. Ring-bottle opener

Ring-bottle opener

This is the only piece of jewelry all men would like to have. You can easily open any beer bottle with the help of special ring.


8. Stroller and scooter

Stroller and scooter

A baby stroller can be such a boring thing to buy. This is a hybrid of a stroller with a scooter to feel happy while walking with a child.


9. Whiskey tie

Whiskey tie

Bored at work? Have a little sip from your tie! It holds nearly 250 ml of any drink to make your mood better and help you in any situation.


10. Compact tennis table

Compact tennis table

Compact tennis table in flat

Amazing idea for small houses is a hybrid of a door combined with a tennis table. It’s not that big but still it helps you exercise and have fun.


11. Hug-me couch pillow

Hug-me couch pillow

Feel lonely in the evenings? Have a nap with a hug of your favorite pillow! This is a great idea for those who want more warmth at home.


12. Office lunch pack

Office lunch pack

Are you bored with people stealing your sandwiches? Buy newly designed lunch packages which have repulsive green mold prints.


13. Umbrella for dogs

Umbrella for dogs

Dog umbrella

Umbrella for your dog

Doggy umbrella

Who said you can’t walk a dog when it rains? With dogbrella, you are always ready to give your pet some happy minutes outside.


14. Inflatable car bed

Inflatable car bed

Want to have more comfort on long journeys? Stop spending money on motels – just buy this inflatable mattress and be comfortable in your car under all conditions.


15. Lock for your ice cream

Lock for your ice cream

Lock your treasures and install a code! This newly invented lock for ice cream will keep your products untouched even in a big office.


16. Slippers with headlights

Slippers with headlights

Use light on your new home slippers. While roaming around at night, these will help you see everything in your way.


17. Tap thermometer

Tap thermometer

Use a simple device to pour water of an ideal temperature in your bath! This is especially cool to use for filling the bath for babies.


18. Sugar measurer in a lens

Sugar measurer in a lens

These contact lenses are designed for people with diabetes. They detect the sugar level in tears and change color when you need to take medication.


19. Library pillow

Library pillow

This ostrich pillow is designed for a comfortable sleep wherever you are. It’s soft on all sides, you can breathe easily, and you can warm your hands inside two holes on the upper side.


20. Shower cap for babies

Shower cap for babies

This beautiful cap will help you prevent soapy water from getting into baby’s eyes. It also looks cool to take a cute photo!


21. Entire cover umbrella

Entire cover umbrella

This full-body umbrella will cover all your smart clothes and will help you save your outfit no matter which kind of weather you encounter.


22. Perfect onion chopper

Perfect onion chopper

Have you ever damaged your fingers while trying to cut an onion? Forget your troubles with a new onion chopper – so simple and clever!